TitleA handbook of Marxism / ed. by Emile Burns
Imprint London : Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1935
Descript 1087p. ; 19cm


The communist manifesto -- Address to the communist league (1850) -- Introduction to the class struggles in France (1848-50) -- The class struggles in France (1848-50) -- The eighteenth brumaire of louis bonaparte -- Germany: Revolution and counter-revolution -- The civil war in France -- Introduction to the civil war in France -- The crimean war -- Relations between the Irish and English working classes -- The British labour movement -- German ideology -- Ludwig feuerbach -- Theses on feuerbach -- Herr eugen duhring's revolution in science (anti-duhring) -- The origin of the family, private property and the state -- The housing question -- The poverty of philosophy -- A contributin to "the critique of political economy" -- Capital -- The teachings of Karl Marx -- Our programme -- What is to by done? -- The revolution of 1905 -- Materialism and empirio-criticism -- The historical fate of the teaching of Karl Marx -- Socialism and war -- Imperialism: The highest state of capitalism -- The state and revolution -- Letters from afar -- The tasks of the pro-letariat in our revolution -- Report on the political situation, august 1917 -- On the eve of october -- The october revolution -- The proletarian revolution and kautsky the renegade -- Foundations of leninism -- "Left-wing" communism: an infantile disorder -- The international situation, August 1927 -- Report at seventeenth congress of the communist party of the Soviet Union, 1934 -- Address to the graduates from the red army academy -- The programme of the communist international

Socialism Communism

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