Books Delivery Service

It is a service to deliver books to members of the Chula Library network who want to use the books of the libraries of different faculties. Members can obtain the book and return it to their faculty library. By requesting services through the Library Catalog (OPAC) at Chulalinet's Book Delivery Request.

How to use Books Delivery service


  1. Search for the book you want from the OPAC page.
  2. Click on Chulalinet's Book Delivery Request to request the service.
  3. Enter Username and Password to verify yourself as a Chula Community and login. The resulting screen will show the terms and conditions. and service request form

Terms and Conditions


Filling in the book information form

If the book is only available in one library. The book information will be complete. You don't have to fill in anything.


If the book is available in more than one library, you must select the library of the book you want to borrow.


If it is the book with volumn 1, volumn 2, volumn 3, you must filled in the call number of the book.

Filling in borrower information form


The borrower must enter the borrower's email and phone number. Note (additional information) are optional, and then click on Send button.


Verify the accuracy and confirm the borrowing. If the information is correct, click on "Confirm". To cancel, click on "Cancel".