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AuthorHsu, T. C. author
TitleAn Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes [electronic resource] : Volume 5 / by T. C. Hsu, Kurt Benirschke
ImprintNew York, NY : Springer New York, 1971
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Since the inception of the Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes, it is a surprise to us that we have finished five volumes with karyotypes of nearly 250 mamยญ malian species. We acknowledge the fact that there are many imperfections in this series, but we also hope that these volumes have been useful to various investigators. Springer-Verlag has made a binder which will accommodate the material of all five volumes. We also revised our index to facilitate easy reference. If the material is arranged in the binder according to the Cumulative Contents, we believe one will find it convenient to consult with this book. Volume 5, as in the previous volumes, contains a Cumulative Index, Cumuยญ lative Table of Contents, as well as an individual Index and Table of Contents for Volume 5. Previous Indices and Tables of Contents should be discarded. October, 1970 T. C. Hsu Kurt Benirschke v Instructions A special vinyl binder is available from the publisher which will accommo. date the material of the first five volumes. Twenty dividers have been provided with printed tabs. These dividers are intended to separate the Orders and the Index. It is suggested that the dividers be placed in the following sequence of Orders, which sequence will be followed in the future when presenting karyo


Contents, Volume 5 -- Marsupialia -- Didelphidae -- Didelphis marsupialis (Opossum) -- Marmosa alstoni (Alstonโ{128}{153}s opossum) -- Marmosa murina (Mouse opossum) -- Insectivora -- Soricidae -- Neomys fodiens (Old World water shrew) -- Sorex caecutiens (Masked shrew; Laxmannโ{128}{153}s shrew) -- Chiroptera -- Phyllostomidae -- Artibeus turpis (Teapa fruit-eating bat) -- Chiroderma villosum -- Glossophaga soricina (Pallasโ{128}{153} long-tongued bat) -- Pteronotus parnellii (Greater mustached bat) -- Vespertilionidae -- Nycticeius humeralis (Evening bat) -- Lagomorpha -- Leporidae -- Lepus townsendii (White-tailed jack rabbit) -- Sylvilagus floridanus (Eastern cottontail) -- Rodentia -- Sciuridae -- Ammospermophilus harrisii (Harrisโ{128}{153} antelope squirrel) -- Callospermophilus (Citellus) lateralis (Golden-mantled ground squirrel) -- Cynomys gunnisoni (Gunnisonโ{128}{153}s prairie dog) -- Eutamias ruficaudus (Red-tailed chipmunk) -- Eutamias sibiricus (Asian chipmunk) -- Cricetidae -- Peromyscus floridanus (Florida mouse) -- Peromyscus melanophrys (Plateau mouse) -- Arvicola terrestris (Water vole) -- Lagurus curtatus (Sagebrush vole) -- Lagurus lagurus (Steppe lemming) -- Micro tus townsendii (Townsendโ{128}{153}s vole) -- Ondatra zibethicus (Muskrat) -- Meriones hurrianae (Indian desert gerbil) -- Meriones libycus (Libyan jird) -- Meriones shawi (Shawโ{128}{153}s jird) -- Muridae -- Mus cervicolor -- Rattus rattus (Black rat) -- Carnivora -- Canidae -- Nyctereutes procyonoides (Raccoon dog) -- Mustelidae -- Mustela frenata (Long-tailed weasel) -- Viverridae -- Bdeogale sp. (Black-footed mongoose) -- Paradoxurus hermaphroditus (Palm civet) -- Felidae -- Acinonyx jubatus (Cheetah) -- Fells serval (Serval) -- Fells viverrina (Fishing cat) -- Fells (Leopardus) wiedii (Marguay cat) -- Tubulidentata -- Orycteropodidae -- Orycteropus afer (Aardvark) -- Proboscidea -- Elephantidae -- Elephas maximus (Indian elephant) -- Perissodactyla -- Equidae -- Equus quagga (Burchellโ{128}{153}s zebra; plains zebra) -- Artiodactyla -- Cervidae -- Elaphurus davidianus (Pere Davidโ{128}{153}s deer) -- Bovidae -- Cephalophus silvicultor (Yellow-backed duiker) -- Rupicapra rupicapra (Chamois) -- Primates -- Lemuridae -- Lemur fulvus fulvus (Red-fronted lemur) -- Callithricidae -- Leontocebus rosalia (Golden marmoset) -- Cercopithecidae -- Cercocebus torquatus (Red-crowned mangabey) -- Cercopithecus cephus (Moustached guenon) -- Miopithecus (Cercopithecus) talapoin (Talapoin monkey; ozem) -- Presbytis obscurus (Dusky langur) -- Pongidae -- Pongo pygmaeus (Orang utan)

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