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AuthorTruesdell, Clifford Ambrose. author
TitleThe Tragicomical History of Thermodynamics, 1822-1854 [electronic resource] / by Clifford Ambrose Truesdell
ImprintNew York, NY : Springer New York, 1980
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Descript 372 p. online resource


1. The Producerโ{128}{153}s Apology to the Spectators -- Notation -- Symbols Frequently Used -- 2. The Common Inheritance -- 2A The Thermal Equation of State -- 2B The Theory of Sound in Aeriform Fluids -- 2C The Doctrine of Latent and Specific Heats -- 3. Prologue: Laplace, Biot, and Poisson -- 3A Biot, and Poissonโ{128}{153}s First Attempt -- 3B Critique of Biotโ{128}{153}s Theory -- 3C Laplaceโ{128}{153}s Theory of Sound and Heat -- 3D Poissonโ{128}{153}s Second Treatment -- 3E Meikleโ{128}{153}s Claim -- 3F Critique of Laplaceโ{128}{153}s and Poissonโ{128}{153}s Theories. Correction of Meikleโ{128}{153}s Claim -- 4. Act I. Workless Dissipation: Fourier -- 4A Fourierโ{128}{153}s Predecessor: Biot -- 4B Fourierโ{128}{153}s Program -- 4C Fourierโ{128}{153}s Premisses Regarding Specific Heat and Temperature -- 4D Critique of Fourierโ{128}{153}s Premisses -- 4E Fourierโ{128}{153}s Concept of the Flux of Heat, and his General Differential Equation and Boundary Condition -- 4F Critique of Fourierโ{128}{153}s Concepts and Methods -- 4G Fourierโ{128}{153}s Theory of the Conduction of Heat in Fluids -- 4H Critique of Fourierโ{128}{153}s Theory of the Conduction of Heat in Fluids -- 4I Fourierโ{128}{153}s Bequest -- 5. Act II. Dissipationless Work: Carnot -- 5A The General Quality of Carnotโ{128}{153}s Treatise -- 5B Standard Concepts and Assumptions Used by Carnot -- 5C The Carnot Cycle -- 5D Carnotโ{128}{153}s Claim that Carnot Cycles Attain Maximum Efficiency -- 5E Formal Statement and Critique of Carnotโ{128}{153}s Claim of Maximum Efficiency -- 5F Carnotโ{128}{153}s Claim that the Efficiency of Carnot Cycles is Universal -- 5G Formal Statement and Elucidation of Carnotโ{128}{153}s Claim of Universal Efficiency -- 5H Critique of Carnotโ{128}{153}s Argument to Support Universal Efficiency -- 5I Carnotโ{128}{153}s General and Special Axioms -- 5J Critique of Carnotโ{128}{153}s General and Special Axioms. Scholia I-III. โ{128}{156}Carnotโ{128}{153}s functionโ{128}{157} -- 5K Carnotโ{128}{153}s Treatment of his Cycle -- 5L Critique of Carnotโ{128}{153}s Treatment of his Cycle. Scholion IV -- 5M Critique: Interconvertibility of Heat and Work as Implied by Carnotโ{128}{153}s Theory. Proof that Carnotโ{128}{153}s Cycles are Indeed the Most Efficient -- 5N Critique: Dimensional Invariance of Carnotโ{128}{153}s Theory -- 5O Carnotโ{128}{153}s Numerical Evaluation of the Motive Power of Heat -- 5P Critique of Carnotโ{128}{153}s Numerical Evaluation of the Motive Power of Heat -- 5Q Carnotโ{128}{153}s Theory of Specific Heats -- 5R Critique of Carnotโ{128}{153}s Theory of Specific Heats -- 5S Carnotโ{128}{153}s Attempts to Determine his Function F -- 5T Critique: Carnotโ{128}{153}s Dilemma -- 5U Carnotโ{128}{153}s Bequest -- 6. Distracting Interlude: Clapeyron and Duhamel -- 6A Confusion by Awkward Variables: Clapeyron -- 6B Confusion by Linearizing Everything: Duhamel -- 7. Act III. Equivalence, Conservation, Interconvertibility: When and of What? -- 7A Critique: What Did Janus See in 1842? -- 7B Mayerโ{128}{153}s Assertion -- 7C Preliminary Critique of Mayerโ{128}{153}s Assertion -- 7D Holtzmannโ{128}{153}s Assertion -- 7E Preliminary Critique of Holtzmannโ{128}{153}s Assertion -- 7F Helmholtzโ{128}{153}s Weakest Work -- 7G Jouleโ{128}{153}s Summary of his Early Experiments -- 7H The Bittersweet Indian Summer of the Caloric Theory: Kelvinโ{128}{153}s First Paper -- 7I General Critique: Interconvertibility in 1849 -- 8. Act IV. Internal Energy: The First Paper of Clausius. Entropy: The First Paper of Rankine -- 8A Clausiusโ{128}{153} Physical Concepts and Assumptions -- 8B Logical Content of Clausiusโ{128}{153} First Paper -- 8C Critique: The Achievement of Clausiusโ{128}{153} First Paper -- 8D Critique of Clausiusโ{128}{153} Reasoning -- 8E Clausiusโ{128}{153} Comparisons with Experimental Data -- 8F Critique: Clausiusโ{128}{153} Bequest -- 8G Rankineโ{128}{153}s First Paper -- 8H Critique of Rankineโ{128}{153}s First Paper -- 9. Distracting Interlude: Explosion of Print -- 9A Rankineโ{128}{153}s Second Paper -- 9B A Late Re-entrance, Stumbling: Kelvinโ{128}{153}s Second Paper -- 9C A Voice Crying in the Wilderness: Reechโ{128}{153}s Return to First Principles -- 9D Kelvinโ{128}{153}s Analysis of the Joule-Thomson Effect and Subsidiary Details -- Appendix by C.-S. Man: The Joule-Thomson Experiment -- 9E Rankineโ{128}{153}s Further Effusions -- 9F Kelvinโ{128}{153}s Analysis of the โ{128}{156}Anomalousโ{128}{157} Behavior of Water -- 9G General Critique: The Disastrous Effects of Experiment upon the Development of Thermodynamics, 1812-1853 -- 10. Schismatic Act V. Antiplot in a Dark and Empty Theatre: Reechโ{128}{153}s Discovery of a Too General Theory, and his Failure to Reduce It -- 10A Reech Discovers the Pro-entropy -- 10B Reech Generalizes the Internal Energy -- 10C Reech Introduces and Analyses the Thermodynamic Potentials -- 10D Reechโ{128}{153}s General Theory of Specific Heats -- 10E Critique: the Fatal Failure of Reechโ{128}{153}s Analysis -- Appendix: The Later Work of Reech -- Postscript on maximum efficiency -- 11. Orthodox Act V. Clausiusโ{128}{153} Second Paper: Absolute Temperatures, Irreversibility, and Oracling -- 11A Kelvinโ{128}{153}s Remarks on Dissipation -- 11B Kelvinโ{128}{153}s Absolute Temperatures -- 11C Clausiusโ{128}{153}Two โ{128}{156}Lawsโ{128}{157} of Thermodynamics -- 11D Clausiusโ{128}{153} Equivalence-Value of a Transformation -- 11E Clausiusโ{128}{153} Application to the Doctrine of Latent and Specific Heats -- 11F Clausiusโ{128}{153}Remarks on Irreversible Processes -- 11G Clausiusโ{128}{153} Determination of His Universal Function T -- 11H Critique: Empirical and Absolute Temperatures -- 11I Critique: Clausiusโ{128}{153}โ{128}{157}Lawsโ{128}{157} of Thermodynamics -- 11J Critique: Irreversible Processes -- Epilogue: Gรถtterdรคmmerung -- Sources -- Index of Persons Mentioned -- Index of Matters Treated

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