TitleSpecies sensitivity distributions in ecotoxicology [electronic resource] / edited by Leo Posthuma, Glenn W. Suter II, Theo P. Traas
Imprint Boca Raton, Fla. : Lewis Publishers, c2002
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Machine generated contents note: SECTION I General Introduction and History -- of SSDs -- Chapter 1 -- General Introduction to Species Sensitivity Distributions 3 -- Leo Posthuma, Theo P. Traas, and Glenn W. Suter II -- Chapter 2 -- North American History of Species Sensitivity Distributions11 -- Glenn W. Suter II -- Chapter 3 -- European History of Species Sensitivity Distributions 19 -- Nico M. van Straalen and Corelis J. van Leeuwen -- SECTION II Scientific Principles and -- Characteristics of SSDs -- Chapter 4 -- Theory of Ecological Risk Assessment Based on Species Sensitivity Distributions 37 -- Nico M. van Straalen -- Chapter 5 -- Normal Species Sensitivity Distributions and Probabilistic Ecological Risk Assessment49 -- Tom Aldenberg, Joanna S. Jaworska, and Theo P. Traas -- Chapter 6 -- Extrapolation Factors for Tiny Toxicity Data Sets from Species Sensitivity Distributions with Known Standard Deviation103 -- Tom Aldenberg and Robert Luttik -- Chapter 7 -- Species Sensitivity Distributions in Ecological Risk Assessment: Distributional Assumptions, Alternate Bootstrap Techniques, and Estimation of Adequate Number of Species 119 -- Michael C. Newman, David R. Ownby, Laurent C. A. Mezin, -- David C. Powell, Tyler R. L. Christensen, Scott B. Lerberg, -- Britt-Anne Anderson, and Tiruponithura V Padma -- Chapter 8 -- Observed Regularities in Species Sensitivity Distributions for Aquatic Species133 -- Dick de Zwart -- Chapter 9 -- The Value of the Species Sensitivity Distribution Concept for Predicting Field Effects: (Non-)confirmation of the Concept Using Semifield Experiments155 -- Paul J. van den Brink, Theo C. M. Brock, and Leo Posthuma -- SECTION III Applications of SSDs -- A. Derivation of Environmental Quality Criteria -- Chapter 10 -- Effects Assessment of Fabric Softeners: The DHTDMAC Case199 -- Corelis J. van Leeuwen and Joanna S. Jaworska -- Chapter 11 -- Use of Species Sensitivity Distributions in the Derivation of Water Quality Criteria for Aquatic Life by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 211 -- Charles E. Stephan -- Chapter 12 -- Environmental Risk Limits in the Netherlands 221 -- Dick T. H. M. Sijm, Annemarie P van Wezel, and Trudie Crommentuijn -- Chapter 13 -- A Rank-Based Approach to Deriving Canadian Soil and Sediment Quality Guidelines 255 -- Connie L. Gaudet, Doug Bright, Kathie Adare, and Kelly Potter -- Chapter 14 -- Ecotoxicological Soil Quality Criteria in Denmark 275 -- Janeck J. Scott-Fordsmand and John Jensen -- B. Ecological Risk Assessment -- Chapter 15 -- Probabilistic Risk Assessment Using Species Sensitivity Distributions 285 -- Keith R. Solomon and Peter Takacs -- Chapter 16 -- The Potentially Affected Fraction as a Measure of Ecological Risk 315 -- Theo P Traas, Dik van de Meent, Leo Posthuma, Timo Hamers, -- Belinda J. Kater, Dick de Zwart, and Tom Aldenberg -- Chapter 17 -- Methodology for Aquatic Ecological Risk Assessment345 -- William J. Warren-Hicks, Benjamin R. Parkhurst, and Jonathan B. Butcher -- Chapter 18 -- Toxicity-Based Assessment of Water Quality 383 -- Dick de Zwart and Aart Sterkenburg -- Chapter 19 -- Mapping Risks of Heavy Metals to Birds and Mammals Using Species -- Sensitivity D istributions 403 -- Theo P Traas, Robert Luttik, and Hans Mensink -- Chapter 20 -- Ecotoxicological Impacts in Life Cycle Assessment421 -- Mark A. J. Huijbregts, Dik van de Meent, Mark Goedkoop, -- and Renilde Spriensma -- SECTION IV Evaluation and Outlook -- Chapter 21 -- Issues and Practices in the Derivation and Use of Species Sensitivity Distributions437 -- Glenn W. Suter II, Theo P Traas, and Leo Posthuma -- Chapter 22 -- Conceptual and Technical Outlook on Species Sensitivity Distributions 475 -- Leo Posthuma, Theo P Traas, Dick de Zwart, and Glenn W. Suter II

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