TitlePolar microbiology [electronic resource] : the ecology, biodiversity, and bioremediation potential of microorganisms in extremely cold environments / editors, Asim K. Bej, Jackie Aislabie, Ronald M. Atlas
Imprint Boca Raton : Taylor & Francis, 2010
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Descript 250 p


Microbiology of Antarctic terrestrial soils and rocks / Donald A. Cowan ... [et al.] -- Archaeal diversity in Antarctic ecosystems / Jackie Aislabie and John P. Bowman -- Bacterial biodiversity of Antarctica : conventional polyphasic and rRNA approaches / Sisinthy Shivaji and G.S.N. Reddy -- L.I.F.E. in Antarctic lakes / Birgit Sattler and Michael C. Storrie-Lombardi -- Psychrophilic and psychrotolerant microbial extremophiles in polar environments / Richard B. Hoover and Elena V. Pikuta -- Cold adaptation in Antarctic biodegradative microorganisms / Asim K. Bej and Nazia Mojib -- Possible role of bacteriophage-mediated horizontal gene transfer on microbial adaptation to environmental stressors in polar ecosystems / Michael C. Storrie-Lombardi and Shannon J. Williamson -- Sources of organic matter for the archean cryosphere / Perry A. Gerakines and Michael C. Storrie-Lombardi -- Response of polar soil bacterial communities to fuel spills / Jackie Aislabie and Julia M. Foght -- Microbial degradation of petroleum compounds in cold marine water and ice / Odd G. Brakstad, Andrew M. Booth, and Liv-Guri Faksness -- Potential for microbial biodegradation of polychlorinated biphenyls in polar environments / Angelina Lo Giudice, Vivia Bruni, and Luigi Michaud -- Tolerance of Antarctic soil fungi to hydrocarbons and their potential role in soil bioremediation / Kevin A. Hughes and Paul Bridge -- Do fertilizers help in effective bioremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in polar soils? / Daniel Delille, Emilien Pelletier, and Frใaedใaeric Coulon -- Bioremediation of contaminated sites in the Canadian Arctic : monitoring performance and the effects of biostimulation using molecular methods / Charles W. Greer -- Occurrence, distribution, and nature of hydrocarbon-degrading genes in biodegradative microorganisms from the Antarctic environment / Adriana Philippi Luz, Emanuele Kuhn, and Vivian Helena Pellizari -- Potential use of real-time PCR to assess changes in the microbial population structure and function during bioremediation of polar soils / Shane M. Powell -- Microbial bioremediation in polar environments : current status and future directions / Ronald M. Atlas

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