TitlePolymeric biomaterials [electronic resource] / [edited by] Severian Dumitriu
Imprint New York : Marcel Dekker, c2002
Edition 2nd ed., rev. and expanded
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Descript xiv, 1,168 p. : ill


Machine generated contents note: Preface -- Contributors -- Part I. Polymers as Biomaterials -- 1. Polysaccharides as Biomaterials -- Severian Dumitriu -- 2. Biomimetics -- Weiyuan John Kao -- 3. Silicones for Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Applications -- Haissam S. El-Zaim and John P. Heggers -- 4. Biodegradable Polymers as Drug Carrier Systems -- Abraham J. Domb, Neeraj Kumar, Tzviel Sheskin, Alfonso Bentolila, Joram Slager, and -- Doron Teomim -- 5. Biodegradable Biomaterials Having Nitric Oxide Biological Activity -- C. C. Chu -- 6. Hydrogels for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Applications -- Akio Kishida and Yoshito Ikada -- 7. Mucoadhesive Polymers -- Andreas Bernkop-Schniirch -- 8. Polymers for Tissue Engineering Scaffolds -- Howard W. T. Matthew -- 9. Chitosan: Structure-Properties Relationship and Biomedical Applications -- Alain Domard and Monique Domard -- 10. Chitosan-Based Delivery Systems: Physicochemical Properties and Pharmaceutical Applications -- Radi Hejazi and Monsoor Amiji -- 11. Immobilization of Active Biopolymers from Cold Plasma-Functionalized Surfaces for the Creation -- of Molecular Recognition and Molecular Manufacturing Systems -- Ferencz Denes and Sorin Manolache -- 12. Advances in Designed Multivalent Bioconjugates with Dendritic Structure -- Bogdan Comanita -- 13. Biocompatibility of Elastomers -- D. J. Chauvel-Lebret, P. Auroy, and M. Bonnaure-Mallet -- 14. Control of Cell-Biomaterial Interactions -- Danielle C. Giliberti, Kyle K. White, and Kay C Dee --Part II. Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications of Polymers -- 15. Polymeric Systems for Ophthalmic Drug Delivery -- 0. Felt, S. Einmahl, P. Furrer, V. Baeyens, and R. Gurny -- 16. Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery Applications of Polymers -- A. Bascones, J. M. Vega, N. Olmo, J. Turnay, J. G. Gavilanes, and M. A. Lizarbe -- 17. Biomaterials in Bum and Wound Dressings -- Robert L. Sheridan, Jeffrey R. Morgan, and Rashid Mohammad -- 18. Dermocosmetic Applications of Polymeric Biomaterials -- P. Corvi Mora and P. G. Baraldi -- 19. Textile-Based Biomaterials for Surgical Applications -- C. C. Chu -- 20. Bioabsorbable Polymers for Medical Applications with an Emphasis on Orthopedic Surgery -- Pentti U. Rokkanen -- 21. Polymers for Artificial Joints -- Naohide Tomita, Kazuya Nagata, and Hiroshi Fujita -- 22. Polymeric Occluders in Tilting Disc Heart Valve Prostheses -- G. S. Bhuvaneshwar, A. V. Ramani, and K. B. Chandran -- 23. Blood-Contacting Polymers -- T. Avramoglou, J. Jozefonvicz, and M. Jozefowicz -- 24. Surface Modification of Dacron Vascular Grafts: Incorporation of Antithrombin and -- Mitogenic Properties -- Matthew D. Phaneuf Martin J. Bide, William C. Quist, and Frank W. LoGerfo -- 25. Antithrombin-Heparin Complexes -- Leslie R. Berry, Maureen Andrew, and Anthony K. C. Chan -- 26. Adhesives for Medical Applications -- lain Webster and Peter J. West -- 27. Glucose-Sensitive Hydrogel Membranes -- Jin Ho Lee, Jung Ju Kim, and Kinam Park -- 28. Polymeric Micro- and Nanoparticles as Drug Carriers -- G. Barratt, G. Couarraze, P. Couvreur, C. Dubernet, E. Fattal, R. Gref, D. Labarre, P. Legrand, -- G. Ponchel, and C. Vauthier -- 29. Liposomes in Drug Delivery -- Yuan-Peng Zhang, Boris Ceh, and Danilo D. Lasic -- 30. Liposomes for Cancer Therapy Applications -- Lawrence D. Mayer, Rajesh Krishna, and Marcel B. Bally -- 31. Systemic Cancer Therapy Using Polymer-Based Prodrugs and Progenes -- Leonard W. Seymour -- 32. Anticancer Drug Conjugates with Macromolecular Carriers -- F. Kratz, A. Warnecke, K. Riebeseel, and P. C. A. Rodrigues -- 33. Enzyme-Prodrug Therapies of Cancer -- Richard J. Knox, Roger G. Melton, and Ronit Satchi -- 34. New Lipid/DNA Complexes for Gene Delivery -- Kenneth W. Liang and Leaf Huang -- 35. Gene Delivery by Cationic Liposome-DNA Complexes -- Nejat Diizgiine, Sergio Sim6es, Pedro Pires, and Maria C. Pedroso de Lima -- 36. Biological Stimulus-Responsive Hydrogels -- Takashi Miyata and Tadashi Uragami -- 37. Biocompatible Polymers in Liver-Targeted Gene Delivery Systems -- Edwin C. Ouyang, George Y. Wu, and Catherine H. Wu -- 38. Bioartificial Pancreas -- Riccardo Calafiore -- 39. Transdermal Delivery of Drugs -- B. B. Michniak and A. El-Kattan -- 40. Drug Delivery via Mucosal Routes -- Nimit Worakul and Joseph R. Robinson -- 41. Bioadhesive Drug Delivery Systems -- A. David Woolfson, R. Karl Malcolm, Paul A. McCarron, and David S. Jones -- 42. Recent Developments in Drug Delivery to the Nervous System -- Dusica Maysinger, Radoslav Savic, Joseph Tam, Christine Allen, and Adi Eisenberg -- 43. Glucose-Mediated Insulin Delivery from Implantable Polymers -- Larry R. Brown -- 44. Drug Targeting to the Kidney: The Low-Molecular-Weight Protein Approach -- R. F. G. Haverdings, R. J. Kok, M. Haas, F. Moolenaar, D. de Zeeuw, and D. K. F. Meijer

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