AuthorJones, John Philip, 1930-
TitleKeynes's vision [electronic resource] : why the Great Depression did not return / John Philip Jones
Imprint Abingdon, [Oxon, England] ; New York : Routledge, 2007
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Descript 240 p


Contents, introduction: why Keynes matters -- Chapter 1: Keynes's legacy, seventy years later, the three pillars of Keynes's doctrines, Keynes under attack, an education in economics -- Chapter 2: Three signposts, fault lines in the American economy, a half-century of aggregate demand and output, the third signpost : employment and unemployment, types of unemployment -- Chapter 3: Consumer demand and where it leads, connections, the propensity to consume, money and liquidity-preference, a web of relationships, trends, footnote on the spectrum of interest rates -- Chapter 4: Investment demand and where it leads, investment supply where the money comes from, investment demand : putting the money to work, expectations -- Chapter 5: The rate of interest, a digression on three types of price, four periods of economic activity -- Chapter 6: What should the government be doing?, american economic policy during the 1930s, the travails of understanding government statistics. external trade and its complications, did the deficits have any effect?, did Keynes get it right? -- Chapter 7: Floating on an ocean of expectations, the psychology of recession, how do businesses grow?, the psychology of recovery, the prosperous years since 1945 -- Chapter 8: Keynes the man, social class and the British : a digression, the leap into the top five percent, Act I: early promise, early fulfilment, Act II: a continuous process of intellectual development, Versailles and after -- Chapter 9: Twenty years of guerrilla infighting, the troubles of the 1920s, the gold standard and the forces of financial conservatism, the great depression -- Chapter 10: Keynes, England and the world, an intimation of mortality, the approach of World War Two, guru becomes man of action, Keynes as treasury ambassador, bringing an end to economic warfare, the employment policy white paper, Keynes's last contribution -- Chapter 11: Keynes, the prophet

Keynes John Maynard 1883-1946 Keynesian economics United States -- Economic conditions -- 1945- Electronic books.