AuthorInternational Navigational Symposium on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation (8th : 2009 : Gdynia, Poland)
TitleMarine navigation and safety of sea transportation [electronic resource] / editor, Adam Weintrit
Imprint Boca Raton : CRC ; London : Taylor & Francis [distributor], c2009
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Descript xxvi, 794 p. : ill., ports


TransNav 2009 : review of scientists and professionals meeting in the field of safety of navigation and sea transportation -- Foreword to the monograph / A. Weintrit & T. Neumann -- List of reviewers -- Message from the president of The Nautical Institute --The present and expected changes in maritime safety, security and defense functions / J. Urbaใanski, W. Morgaใas & M. Miไnesikowski -- Study on ships safety control system / X.-J. Han, X.-Y. Meng & Z.-W. Wang -- Marine navigation using expert system / N. Nikitakos & G. Fikaris -- Safety of navigation and spatial planning at sea / J. Hajduk -- e-Navigation and the human element / D. Patraiko, P. Wake & A. Weintrit -- Generation of electronic nautical chart data for assessment of navigational safety in harbour and waterway design / K. Guan. C. Shi, S. Wu & T. Xu -- Study on shipping safety strategy based on accident forecast model / X.Y. Meng, Y.M. Bai & X.J. Han -- Knowledge representation in a ship's navigational decision support system / Z. Pietrzykowski & J. Uriasz -- Manoeuvring simulation on the bridge for predicting motion of real ships and as training tool in ship handling simulators / K. Benedict, M. Kirchhoff, M. Gluch. S. Fischer & M. Baldauf -- CFD based hull hydrodynamic forces for simulation of ship manoeuvres / T. Tabaczek, T. Gใaornicz & J. Kulczyk -- New capabilities of the NTPRO 4000 full mission ship handling simulator in the assessment and evaluation processes at Lithuanian Maritime Academy / R. Zaโezeckis, I. Bartuseviโecien๐ce & R. Maksimaviโecius -- Reconstructing a marine casualty : the effectiveness of the full-mission simulator as a casualty analysis tool / E. Doyle -- Fuzzy fast time simulation model of ship's manoeuvring / P. Zalewski -- Ship manoeuvring performance experiments using a free running model ship / N. Im & J.-H. Seo -- Simulation of load distribution along a quay during unparallel berthing manoeuvres / J. Artyszuk -- Training course for personnel involved in emergency towing operations / T.E. Berg, G. Gudmundseth & U. Klevstad -- Modernization of maritime DGPS in Poland / M. Dziewicki -- Application of 3-D velocity measurement of vessel by VI-GPS for STS lightering / Y. Yoo, E. Pedersen, K. Tatsumi, N Kouguchi & Y. Arai -- Positioning using GPS and GLONASS systems / L. Kujawa, J.B. Rogowski & K. Kopaใanska -- Galileo integrity concept and its applications to the maritime sector / C. Hernใaandez, C. Catalใaan & M.A. Martใainez -- Galileo AltBOC E5 signal characteristics for optimal tracking algorithms / E. Vejraโezka, P Kovใaaโer & P. Kaโecmaโerใaik -- The implementation of the EGNOS system to APV-I precision approach operations / A. Fellner, K. Banaszek & P Trใaominski -- GPS-based vehicle localisation / A. Janota & V. Konโecelใaik -- Effect of measurement duration on the accuracy of position determination in GPS and GPS/EGNOS systems / R. Bober, T. Szewczuk & A. Wolski -- Sustainability of motorways of the sea and fast ships / E.X. Martใainez de Osใaes & M. Castells i Sanabra -- Applying graph theory terms to description of VTS / K. Jackowski -- Simulation-based risk analysis of maritime transit traffic in the Strait of Istanbul / B. Ozbas, I. Or, O.S. Uluscu & T Alt¸ok -- The Marine Electronic Highway project in Straits of Malacca and Singapore : observation on the present development / M.H. Said & A.H. Saharuddin -- Availability of traffic control system based on servicing model / J. Mikulski -- Evaluation of main traffic congestion degree for restricted waters with AIS reports / Q. Hu, J. Yong, C. Shi & G. Chen -- Computer vision and ship traffic analysis : inferring maneuver patterns from the automatic identification system / K.G. Aarsµther & T. Moan -- Possible method of clearing-up the close-quarter situation of ships by means of Automatic Identification System / V.M. Bukaty & S.U. Morozova -- Development of a concept for bridge alert management / F. Motz, S. Hแeockel, M. Baldauf & K. Benedict -- Comparison of traditional and integrated bridge design with SAGAT / F. Motz, E. Dalinger, H. Widdel, S. Hแeockel & S. MacKinnon -- The problem of "infant mortality" failures of integrated navigation systems / S. Ahvenjแearvi -- CRM-203 type frequency modulated continuous wave (FM CW) radar / S. Plata & R. Wawruch -- The impact of windmills on the operation of radar systems / M. Dโezunda, V. Humeโenanskใay, D. Draxler, Z. Csefalvay & P. Bajusz -- 3D sonar for navigation and obstacle avoidance / I. Bowles & Z. Markowski -- The problem of magnetic compass deviation at contemporary conditions / E.M. Lushnikov -- The basic research for the new compass system using latest MEMS / G. Fukuda & S. Hayashi -- Development of decision supporting tools for determining tidal windows for deep-drafted vessels / K. Eloot, M. Vantorre, J. Richter & J. Verwilligen -- Behaviour patterns in crossing situations / J. Kemp -- Method of safe returning of the vessel to planned route after deviation from collision / M. Tsymbal & I. Urbansky -- A study of marine incidents databases in the Baltic Sea Region / A. Mullai, E. Larsson & A. Norrman -- The display mode for choosing the manoeuvre for collision avoidance / L. Vagushchenko & A. Vagushchenko -- Defining of minimally admitted head-on distance before the ships start maneuvering / V.M. Bukaty & E.N. Dimitrieva -- Collision scenario-based cognitive performance assessment for marine officers / H. Kim, H.-J. Kim & S. Hong -- The effects of causation probability on the ship collision statistics in the Gulf of Finland / M. Hแeanninen & P. Kujala -- An influence of the order to maintain minimum distance between successive vessels on the vessel traffic intensity in the narrow fairways / L. Kasyk -- On determination of the head-on situation under Rule 14 of COLREG-72 / V.M. Bukaty & S.U. Morozova -- Maritime communication to support safe navigation / K.E. Fj²rtoft, B. Kvamstad & F. Bekkadal -- Some radiocommunication aspects of e-navigation / K. Korcz -- On-board communication challenges (LAN, SOA and wireless communication) / L. Mu & N. Garmann-Johnsen -- Towards standardized maritime language for communication at sea / B. Katarzyใanska -- Novel maritime communications technologies / F. Bekkadal -- Advantages of preservation of obligatory voice communication on the VHF radio channel 16 / S. Brzใaoska -- The transmission of the information of the system of telecornmunicational DECT in the trans-shipping terminal / A. Kuใasmiใanska-Fijaซkowska & Z. ฦukasik -- Navigational safety in SPM (single mooring point) regions / V. Paulauskas -- Identification of ship maneuvering model using extended Kalman filters / C. Shi, D. Zhao, J. Peng & C. Shen -- Estimating manoeuvres safety level of the Unity Line m/f "Polonia" ferry at the Port of Ystad / A. Kowalski -- Conceptual model of port security simulating complex (Bulgarian standpoint) / B. Mednikarov, N. Stoyanov & K. Kalinov -- Problem of stopping vessel at the waypoint for full-mission control autopilot / L. Morawski & V. Nguyen Cong -- On the control of CPP ships by steering during in-harbour ship-handling / H. Yabuki & Y. Yoshimura -- New Black Sea Terminal of port Kulevi and it navigating features / A. Gegenava, N. Varshanidze & G. Khaidarov -- Analysis of the influence of current on the manoeuvres of the turning of the ship on the ports turning-basins / J. Kornacki -- Satellite and terrestrial radionavigation systems on European inland waterways / J. Januszewski -- Electronic reporting of ships in the RIS system / A. Lisaj -- The criterion of safety navigation assessment in sea-river shipping / W. Galor -- Target tracking in RlS / A. Stateczny & W. Kazimierski -- Six in one or one in six variants : electronic navigational charts for open sea, coastal, off-shore, harbour, sea-river and inland navigation / A. Weintrit -- Data transmission in inland AIS system / P. Woซejsza

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