AuthorGroundwater in Fractured Rocks International Conference (2003 : Prague, Czech Republic)
TitleGroundwater in fractured rocks [electronic resource] : selected papers from the Groundwater in Fractured Rocks International Conference, Prague, 2003 / edited by Jiโerใai Krใaasnใay, John M. Sharp, Jr
Imprint London ; New York : Taylor & Francis, c2007
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Descript xiii, 646 p. : ill


Hydrogeology of fractured rocks from particular fractures to regional approaches : state-of-the-art and future challenges / Jiโerใai Krใaasny and John M. Sharp, Jr. -- Hydrogeology of granite rocks in Sardinia / Giovanni Barrocu -- Groundwater exploitation of fractured rocks in South America / Emilia Bocanegra and Gerson C. Silva, Jr. -- Groundwater and tectonics : semiarid northeast of Brazil / Benjamin B. de Brito Neves and Josใae do Patrocใainio T. Albuquerque -- Regional study of hard rock aquifers in Alentejo, South Portugal : methodology and results / Antใaonio Chambel, Jorge Duque and Jo่aao Nascimento -- Groundwater in volcanic hard rocks / Emilio Custodio -- Regional transmissivity distribution and groundwater potential in hard rock of Ghana / Philip K. Darko and Jiโerใai Krใaasny -- Hydrogeology of hard rocks in some eastern and western African countries / Costantino Faillace -- The fractured rocks in Hellas / George Stournaras ... [et al.] -- Determining a representative hydraulic conductivity of the Carnmenellis granite of Cornwall, UK, based on a range of sources of information / David C. Watkins --Estimating the change of fracture volume with depth at the Koralm Massif, Austria / Gerfried Winkler, Hans Kupfersberger, and Elmar Strobl -- Fractured old red sandstone aquifers of the Cork Harbour region : groundwater barriers between adjacent karstic systems / Alistair Allen and Dejan Milenic -- Non-Darcy two-phase flow in fractured rocks / Giovanni Brighenti and Paolo Macini -- GIS based assessment of groundwater recharge in the fractured rocks of Namaqualand, South Africa / Julian Conrad and Shafick Adams -- The use of environmental isotopes to establish a hydrogeological conceptual model in a region with scarce data : the Table Mountain Group of South Africa as a case study / Arie S. Issar and Johanita C. Kotze -- Hard rock aquifers characterization prior to modelling at catchment scale : an application to India / Jean-Christophe Marใaechal ... [et al.] -- Estimating groundwater recharge in fractured bedrock aquifers in Ireland / Bruce D.R. Misstear and Vincent P. Fitzsimons -- Interpreting the evolution and stability of groundwaters in fractured rocks / Adrian Bath -- Universal controls on the evolution of groundwater chemistry in shallow crystalline rock aquifers : the evidence from empirical and theoretical studies / Bj²rn Frengstad and David Banks -- Factors influencing the microbiological quality of groundwater in Norwegian bedrock wells / Sylvi Gaut ... [et al.] -- Evaluating mineral water quality trends of Pedras Salgadas (Portugal) / Carla Lourenบco and Luใais Ribeiro -- Questions and answers about the evolution of CO2-rich thermomineral waters from Hercynian granitic rocks (N-Portugal) : a review / Josใae M. Marques ... [et al.] -- Origin of salinity in a fractured bedrock aquifer in the central west region of NSW, Australia / Karina Morgan and Jerzy Jankowski -- Isotope studies of a groundwater-flow system in granite, Middle Hungary / Lใaaszlใao Palcsu ... [et al.] -- Structure conditional thermal springs in central Brazil / Uwe Trแeoger -- Characterization of fractured porous media : aquifer analogue approach / Ralf Brauchler ... [et al.] -- Application of the oriented core drilling/sampling method to an environmental site investigation / James P.G. Bunker -- Probabilistic delineation of groundwater protection zones in fractured-rock aquifers / Jใaulio F. Carneiro -- Interconnected flow measurement between boreholes using a borehole flowmeter / Lasse Koskinen and Pekka Rouhiainen -- Characterizing flow in natural fracture networks : comparison of the discrete and continuous descriptions / Tanguy Le Borgne ... [et al.] -- New analysis of pump tests in fractured aquifers / Gerard Lods and Philippe Gouze -- Estimating groundwater flow rates in fractured metasediments : Clare Valley, South Australia / Andrew Love ... [et al.] -- Fracture networks in Jurassic carbonate rock of the Algarve Basin (South Portugal) : implications for aquifer behaviour related to the recent stress field / Inga Moeck ... [et al.] -- Using specific capacity to assign vulnerability to diffuse pollution in fractured aquifers in Scotland / Mark Betson and Nick Robins -- Environmental impacts of tunnels in fractured crystalline rocks of the Central Alps / Simon Loew ... [et al.] -- Groundwater modelling approaches as planning tools for WISMUT's remediation activities at the Ronneburg uranium mining site / Michael Paul, Manfred Gengnagel and Michael Eckart -- Active groundwater monitoring and remediation during tunneling through fractured bedrock under urban areas -- Kim Rudolph-Lund ... [et al.] -- A double continuum approach for determining contaminant transport in fractured porous media / Matthias Beyer and Ulf Mohrlok -- Coupled hydro-mechanical modelling of flow in fractured rock / Philipp Blum, Rae Mackay and Michael S. Riley -- Hydrogeologic modelling with regard to site selection for an underground repository in a granite formation in Krasnojarsk, Russia / Christine Fahrenholz ... [et al.] -- Development and qualification of a smeared fracture modelling approach for transfers in fractured media / Andrใae Fourno ... [et al.] -- Sensitivity of fracture skin properties on solute transport and back diffusion in fractured media / Terence T. Garner ... [et al.] -- Averaging hydraulic conductivity in heterogeneous fractures and layered aquifers / Sassan Mouri and Todd Halihan -- Time-resolved 3D characterisation of flow and dissolution patterns in a single rough-walled fracture / Catherine Noiriel, Philippe Gouze and Benoไait Madใae

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