Authorรังสิมา นิโลบล
Titleกระบวนทัศน์ใหม่ของการสื่อสารเพื่อสร้างเสริมสุขภาพของประชาสังคม / รังสิมา นิโลบล = New communication paradigm for health promotion of civic society / Rangsima Nilobol
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This research is qualitative, conducted by documentary research from 28 Health Systems Research Institute's studies during 1996-2003 and 178 theses of Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University, during 1981-2002. The purposes of this research are: to study the new communication paradigm, evolution of civic society concept, factors influencing communication of civic society and tendency of communication of civic society in promoting health. The findings of research are as follows: The objectives of the communication for health promotion of civic society in the new paradigm are to develop and shared learning by action, to improve community relationship through civic society process, and to strengthen the ties between civic society network to produce cooperation and learning process that brings about changes in health concept and health behavior of people in civic society. In the process of civic societys health communication promotion, the issue of holistic approach is exercised and focused. Thepowerful communication to promote health agenda needs participation from all of social parts in communication process, which should start from their common health problems and interested public issues. The tendency of effective communication is 2-way communication with balanced combination of horizontal, and vertical, with upward and downward communication, including more open opportunities for people to participate in health communication process. The civic society under study tended to improve their experience in helping individuals, families, and communities affected by health problems through their own community relationship and civic society mechanism. Resulting from civic society's communication for health promotion, this process led to great benefit for people in civic society as it increased the opportunity for people to participate more during the developmental stage, broadened their understanding towards health problems, motivated people to help one another in determining their own appropriate means to solve their health problems and found their own ways for health promotion as well. Accordingly, what were witnessed are their learning process, increased knowledge, and changed attitude and behavior towards health promotion.

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