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Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Asia

Analyzes how state policies, economic factors, cultural ideologies, and social hierarchies impact on gender and sexuality perceptions. Demonstrates 12 case studies of gender relations and LGBTQ from China, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan. Investigates contemporary Chinese society, including same-sex men’s sexual practice, state’s campaign on family planning, masculinity society, the neo-traditionalist ladies’ education in urban China, money and romance between elite Chinese businessmen and mistresses. Reflects masculine space and how sex linked to consumption through the lives of Cambodian bargirls, hostess clubs in Japan, masculine identity in India, masculinity and Thai transsexual women performances in Bangkok nightclub. Explores the marriage perspective, covering single women’s view on romance, motherhood, and marriage in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, male-homosexual marriage in Islamic Pakistan, and the hierarchy of Vietnamese and Ukraine brides in the transnational marriage market of Taiwan.