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ASEAN: Siam-Thai + Japan + China and + India

Deals with ASEAN’s globalization and interconnectivity with japan, China and India in terms of economic, cultural, and regional security aspects. Discusses ASEAN-Japan’s cooperation, covering Japan’s investment policies in ASEAN, assistance for human resource development, professional farming, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), energy resources, economic corridors, Great Mekong Sub-region (GMS). Mentions ASEAN-China’s maritime, air, and land boundaries, including CLMV’ s changing response towards China’s soft power strategies, Chinese market power, China’s two –ocean strategy, and ASEAN-china’s overlapping boundary claims. Explicates ASEAN –India’s relations regarding historical connection, cultural relation, economic and human resource cooperation. Depicts ASEAN’s concerns beyond the boundary, such as Thai-Malay borderland insurgency, logistics connectivity, intra-trade liberalization, labour mobility, borderless state collaboration, water scarcity, Buddhism in ASEAN, gender diversity and marriage in ASEAN countries.