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Lumina Pandit: A Collection of Historical Treasures

Exhibits collections of historical treasures, artifacts, antiques, books and rare items that the University of Santo Tomas of the Philippines has collected through its 400-year- existence and displayed in Miguel de Benavides Library. Shows the oldest personal library in the Philippines, rare books in the world’s other existing old libraries, evolution of the library and the university’s seals, letters, maps, coins, paintings, and chronicle of Filipino religious journeys from the medieval to the millennium. Demonstrates printing technique in the 16th century, the first printing book in the Philippines, the university’s impact toward Filipino life and culture. Traces an evolution of book printing from recoding words and religious taught to note scores, maps, scientific theories, and anatomy studies. Mentions roles of books in terms of expressing globalization, nationalization, preservation of national history and identity, such as books arrival in Manila, the emergence of pontifical university, memoir of Filipino transitions in society, knowledge, arts, politics and nationalism.