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China's Crony Capitalism: The Dynamics of Regime Decay

Studies China’s crony capitalism and collusive corruptions after Tiananmen Era which occur more than 260 corruption cases involving government and law enforcement officials, elites, private businessmen, and organized crime members. Convinces that institutional changes in control and ownership of state-owned assets have allowed the elite collusion to create an illicit market for power in the Chinese Communist Party in which bribes and official appointments are routinely traded. Depicts the cronyism activities by extracting common characteristics of 50 collusion cases between officials and private businessmen. Exhibits proportion of collusive corruption and amounts of corruption income. Mentions collusive corruption in state-own enterprises and the collusion between law enforcement and organized crime including corruption, murder, and protection of organized crime by large numbers of senior police officers. Discusses the spread of collusive corruption in the judiciary, behavioral patterns in judicial collusion, crony corruption in state agencies which are responsible for enforcing regulations in environmental protection, workplace safety, food and drug safety, licensing, as well as emergence of local mafia states.