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King Utumporn and Yodaya in Myanmar

King Utumporn and Yodaya in Myanmar - Presented by Dr. Tin Muang Kyi at Princess Siridhon Anthropology Center on September 15th, 2017 in an occasion of 250 anniversary of the fall of Ayutthia and the rise of Thonburi (1767-2017) Provides a presentation regarding the fall of Ayutthaya (Ayutthia) Kingdom under King Utumporn, his life in monkhood until death after taken to Burma, and legacy of Yodaya or Thai commoners as the prisoners of war. Highlights Dr. Tin Muang Kyi’s discovery of King Utumporn’s Tomb in 1987, evidence of Thai arts in the Burmese court, as well as Thai folk culture in communities around the court. Demonstrates maps of Thai settlements. Focuses on Thai literature, arts, music, and dances in Burmese court during King Mindon’s regime (2351-2421 BE; the founder of Amarapura and Mandalay capitals; comparatively to the period of King Rama IV of Rattanakosin era). Exemplifies the last performance at Burmese court regarding Ramayana story, Inao story translation and Inao in Burmese painting, Ayutthia-style Khon masks and Buddha images, Burma shadow puppets which were resemble to Southern Thailand’s. Exhibits mural paintings which shows people wearing Ayutthia dress, Yodaya musicians serving Burmese court, and monk dress. Traces legacy of Thai culture in Burma, including Yodaya descendants’ religious practice in Mandalay, Thai and Burmese dances, Yodaya snacks, Thai “Kanok” art in temple inscriptions, a book of 106 Yodaya songs published in 1975 and 8 Burmese Yodaya songs with Thai name. *Special Thanks to Dr. Tin Muang Kyi - our long-time patron, He gave us this document himself. We truly gratitude towards his dedication. Dr. Tin Muang Kyi is a medical doctor who holds a real expertise in history and culture of Myanmar and Southeast Asia with his publications of 7 books and more than 400 articles on those fields in English and Myanmar languages.