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International Political Economy (IPE) of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)

Studies factors of international political economy that affect the establishment of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in response to possibility of economic integration, their influence on the integration, challenges waiting for the AEC, and recommended policies for the successful implementation of AEC Blueprint. Outlines the development and implementation mechanisms of ASEAN economic integration before 1970’s until 2015, including ASEAN Preferential Trading Arrangement (ASEAN PTA), ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services (AFAS), ASEAN Industrial Cooperation Scheme (AICO), ASEAN Investment Area (AIA), AEC Blueprint, AEC Scorecard, and Masterplan on ASEAN Connectivity. Reveals 5 international political economic factors that either accelerate or hinder ASEAN Economic integration, covering roles of international institutes, intra- ASEAN market expansion, agreements and conflicts of national interests, economic disparity, and domestic market’s protective policies.