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Religion, Media and Marketing in a Complex Society

Studies marketing communication through public media under Islamic practices, focusing on Muslims in Indonesia and Thailand’s markets. Explains an emergence of middle class Muslim consumers in Indonesia and consumer behavior of Muslims in Thailand. Analyzes marketing communication for consumer products, tourism market and Halal cosmetics. Investigates religious exposure in media, such as Muslim women presentation in media, Islam in talk show, Islam in Indonesian films, and dawahtainment on Indonesian television. Demonstrates 2 case studies of communication strategy based in religion issues: firstly, a sample of public relations strategy that overwhelm religious differences between Muslims and Buddhists during the 2011 Thai big flood; secondly, the “Charming Yala” that conveys a new perception of Yala youth and peaceful change. Includes the meaning of Hijab regarding fashion trends for Indonesian female adolescents, and media habit and media use of Thai elderly.