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Visual Cultures of the Ethnic Chinese in Indonesia

Studies how ethnic Chinese communities in Indonesia involved in economy, society, politics, culture and history of the nation from Dutch colonialism to decolonization period, including post-1965 and 1998. Traces visual representation of Chinese identities in Indonesia, including history of political participation in the post-Suharto era and the aftermath of May 1998 riots, the ‘Shophouse’ or ‘ruku’ – Chinese architecture in urban. Exhibits public presence of ethnic Chinese in popular culture, such as cartoons and martial art novels produced by ethnic Chinese during colonial and postcolonial era as a response to political culture of Suharto’s New Order; Chinese youth activist in the film ‘Gie’; and photo album of elite Chinese family. Examines urban space and property development driven by ethnic Chinses-descent developers and architects, as well as the represent of Chinese houses as heritage in Southeast Asia.