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Neutrality in Southeast Asia: Concepts and Contexts

Studies inter-state relations, Europe engagement, political neutrality and policy of non-alignment in Southeast Asian countries as a legacy from the Cold War. Defines the different terms of neutralism, neutrality and neutralization and their extent in current ASEAN Way. Exhibits European experiences, circumstance, and actions of neutralism deployed by various heads of states in post-colonial era, covering the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, and Austria. Analyzes impacts from various international agreement as well as case studies relating to non-alignment policy in India and Myanmar, neutralization in Lao PDR, Frontiers and guarantees in Cambodia, war and neutralism in Viet Nam, experiences from Thailand and Malay Archipelago. Examines the relevance neutrality in current international politics and future transition. Summarizes that a regional form of neutralization implies to the regional decolonization.