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Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia: A History of Desire, Duty, and Debt

Studies sex trafficking in Southeast Asia in pre-, post – and mid-colonial era. Considers the past social pattern, social class, early cultural norms, and local law to see forms of sexual labour, slavery, debt bondage, prostitution, and forced marriage. Covers experiences from Myanmar, Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Discusses complicated sexual contracts by defining their situational categories. Looks at institutional marriage, wives and concubines of different ranks along with their legal protections, obligations, social status, rights, and their evolution to today’s professional girlfriends. Explores forms of permanent and temporary labour slaves, commercial sex and compulsory sex services, such as pledging children or women as sureties for loans, state punishment to be sexual labour, sexual service for a house master, his guests, or even foreign travelers.