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Charismatic Monks of Lanna Buddhism

Studies Charismatic monks or so called ‘Khruba’ of Lanna Buddhism in Northern and Northeastern Thailand as well as in neighboring regions and in ethnic states. Mentions their lives, practices, teaching, and social influence, such as ‘ton bun’ tradition of Khruba Siwichai, ‘kammathan’ tradition of Acharn Man Phurithatto, Khruba Thueang Natasilo of Dara’ang communities, U Thuzana –the Karen Buddhist monk, and Khruba Bunchum of Shan state. Defines concept of ‘barami’ in coherent with religious constructions, building projects, and community engagement. Investigates the relationship of these charismatic monks to the state and state-controlled monkhood or ‘Sangha’, as well as religious influence on economic development activities and political power with samples from Thailand, Karen, Shan and Myanmar. Compares a diversity of lowland and highland devotional communities between Thailand and Myanmar.