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Family Farming: Meeting the Zero Hunger Challenge:

Family Farming: Meeting the Zero Hunger Challenge: Asia Pacific Regional Consultation on the Role of Family Farming in the 21st Century: Achieving the Zero Hunger Challenge by 2015, Held at Chennai on August 7-10, 2014 Studies an emerging agrarian structure in the Asia-Pacific countries where almost comprising of small family farming as well as facing pressure from higher living standard, rural-to-cities labour migration, climate change and market price risks. Brings out importance of family farming in coherent with overwhelming Zero Hunger Challenge, strengthen household food, nutrition and livelihood security as well as conserving agro-biodiversity. Gives statistical data on agricultural economic contribution, poverty ratio, share of small farms, and yields of agricultural food commodities in East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Mentions changing in women’s roles and gender relations in Asian family-farming society as well as challenges to achieve sustainable and productive farming. Looks at family farming in India in terms of returns from crop production, nutritional impact, youth employment in Indian agricultural sector. Highlights how to conserve family farming as in China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Viet Nam a cultural heritage and the heart of food diversity system.