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A Great Place to Have a War: America in Laos and the Birth of a Military CIA

Reveals American CIA’s operations in in Southeast Asia, especially in Lao as to fight against communist forces by creating Hmong ethnic arm troop as their proxy, leading to the largest CIA paramilitary operation in the American history, the two-decade-war, a large area of unexploded bomber field, and the forever changing of American’s foreign policy. Highlights 4 key parties in this operation, namely the CIA as the initiator, the Hmong general as the proxy army, the paramilitary specialist who trained the Hmong forces, and the State Department careerist who controlled this war game. Narrates the escalation of the war from the beginning of CIA’s operation in Lao, conspiracy actors, the operation momentum expansion, leaking of the secret operations, the impact and the results of the Lao war along with its legacy and aftermath.