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Mainstreaming Islam in Indonesia: Television, Identity & the Middle Class

Studies Islamic commercial television and cultural heterogeneity in the democratizing Islamic society of Indonesia, focusing on the responses of Muslim middle class viewers towards commercial Da’ Wah. Examines links between Islamic expression, commercial television and national imagination. Introduces the emergence of Muslim middle class of Indonesia, ethnic and religious complex, and signs of economic liberalization in national television. Investigates Islamic television content, including commercialization, religious representation, da’ wah entertainment programs, and Islamic television drama. Classifies Muslim market sector, target audience clusters through commercial da’ wah. Discloses social expectations of religious and ethnic equality, religious freedom, and the harmonious Ummah shown in the television broadcasting. Analyzes social changes driven by TV marketing and entertainment programs that impact the young and educated middle-class Indonesians, such as cultural pluralism, religious modernization, rejection of polygamy relations, voices of local subjugations.