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Routledge Handbook of Corruption in Asia

Studies corruption problems in many Asian countries to explain their arising and patterns. Deals with corruption in coherent with state mechanism, economic development, impacts to society and corruption control. Investigates political and bureaucratic corruption, such as corruption networks in China, anti-corruption dilution caused in Indonesia, corruption in Japan, and electoral corruption in East Asia by the elites. Explores the relationship between corruption and economic development in Asia, such as procurement, bribes and taxes in Vietnam, as well as the two-way process of corrupt exchanges in Hong Kong. Presents social inclusion to control corruption via the bottom-up attempts in China and India, women’s claims for equality to resist corruption, and enormous gaps between elites and citizen’s perceptions of corruption in Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. Demonstrates reasons behind the success and failure of some anti-corruption agencies in Asia, key success factors beyond Hong Kong and Singapore’s corruption prevention, comparison between rule-based and integrity-based approach against corruption, and samples of anti-corruption agendas in selected Asian countries