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Labour in the Clothing Industry in the Asia Pacific

Analyzes the dis-organizing labour in the clothing industry in the Asia Pacific in terms of state management, liberalization, labour regulations, and conditions. Covers case studies from Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Malaysia and Vietnam. Presents the decline of clothing and textile trade unions in Malaysia, whereas a new form of more effective support networks emerge for non-citizen workforce. Narrates workers’ strikes against injustice work environment from neoliberal economic policies in traduced by Vietnamese socialist government. Describes the increase in labour union registrations in Bangladesh’s garment industry. Examines forces and networks through Christianity by deployed Vietnamese and Nepalese migrant workers in Malaysia. Explores lives of China’s migrant works, wages of Indian workers in export garment industry, child labour as well as gender discrimination in Cambodia’s garment industry. Investigates how home-based-work empowers women in Australian clothing industry.