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43 Results

1Introduction to Differential Manifolds [electronic resource]2002
2Algebra [electronic resource]2002
3Short Calculus [electronic resource] : The Original Edition of "A First Course in Calculus"2002
4Fundamentals of Differential Geometry [electronic resource]1999
5Math Talks for Undergraduates [electronic resource]1999
6Complex Analysis [electronic resource]1999
7Challenges [electronic resource]1998
8Undergraduate Analysis [electronic resource]1997
9Topics in Cohomology of Groups [electronic resource]1996
10Introduction to Diophantine Approximations [electronic resource] : New Expanded Edition1995
11Algebraic Number Theory [electronic resource]1994
12Complex Analysis [electronic resource]1993
13Real and Functional Analysis [electronic resource]1993
14Undergraduate Algebra [electronic resource]1990
15Undergraduate Algebra [electronic resource]1990
16Cyclotomic Fields I and II [electronic resource]1990
17Geometry [electronic resource] : A High School Course1988
18Introduction to Arakelov Theory [electronic resource]1988
19Calculus of Several Variables [electronic resource]1987
20Introduction to Complex Hyperbolic Spaces [electronic resource]1987
21Linear Algebra [electronic resource]1987
22Introduction to Modular Forms [electronic resource]1987
23Elliptic Functions [electronic resource]1987
24Undergraduate Algebra [electronic resource]1987
25Introduction to Linear Algebra [electronic resource]1986
26Algebraic Number Theory [electronic resource]1986
27A First Course in Calculus [electronic resource]1986
28The Beauty of Doing Mathematics [electronic resource] : Three Public Dialogues1985
29Differential Manifolds [electronic resource]1985
30Math! [electronic resource] : Encounters with High School Students1985
31Complex Analysis [electronic resource]1985
32SL 2(R) [electronic resource]1985
33Undergraduate Analysis [electronic resource]1983
34Fundamentals of Diophantine Geometry [electronic resource]1983
35Abelian Varieties [electronic resource]1983
36Complex Multiplication [electronic resource]1983
37Geometry [electronic resource] : A High School Course1983
38Introduction to Algebraic and Abelian Functions [electronic resource]1982
39The File [electronic resource] : Case Study in Correction (1977-1979)1981
40Cyclotomic Fields II [electronic resource]1980
41Cyclotomic Fields [electronic resource]1978
42Elliptic Curves [electronic resource] : Diophantine Analysis1978
43Frobenius Distributions in GL2-Extensions [electronic resource] : Distribution of Frobenius Automorphisms in GL2-Extensions of the Rational Numbers1976