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9 Results

1The Siam Society under five reigns1989
2The Kamthieng House, its history and collections : a classical example of Northern Thai residential architecture of the nineteenth century1982
3The Kamthieng House : an introduction1966
4Felicitation volumes of Southeast-Asian studies presented to His Highness Prince Dhaninivat, Kromamun Bidyalabh Bridhyakorn... on the occasion of his eightieth birthday1965
5Relationship with France1959
6Selected articles form The Siam Society Journal, V.VII Relationship with Portugal, Holland, and the Vatican1959
7Selected article form the Siam society journal, V. VII Relationship with Protugal, Holland and the Vatican1959
8Selected articles form the Siam Society Journal V.III Early history and Ayudhya period1959
9Selected articles from the Siam Society Journal1954