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หนังสือที่แต่งโดย Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616

315 Results

1Twelfth night, or, What you will2017
2Romeo and Juliet2016
4The Norton Shakespeare : History2016
5The Norton Shakespeare2016
6The tempest2016
7Henry IV, part 22015
8Richard III2015
10Antonio y Cleopatra2013
11King Lear2012
13The Merchant of Venice2011
14Julius Caesar2011
15Shakespeare's sonnets and A lover's complaint2010
16The winter's tale2009
17Venisu no shounin manga de kokuha2009
18Shakespeare's tragedies2009
19Makubesu manga de dokuha2009
20King Henry IV, part I2008
21A midsummer night's dream2008
22The tragedy of Coriolanus2008
23Sonnets and poems2008
24Romeo and Juliet2008
25Much ado about nothing2008
26Julius Caesar [electronic resource]2007
27Complete works2007
28The sonnets2006
29The poems : Venus and Adonis, the rape of Lucrece, the phoenix and the turtle, the passionate pilgrim, a lover's complaint2006
32King Henry V2005
35Twelfth night2005
36The Shakespeare collection [videorecording]2005
37Romeo et Juliette2005
38Antony and Cleopatra2005
39The tragedy of King Lear2005
40The winter's tale2004
41The Tempest2004
43Measure for measure2001
44Timon of Athens2001
45Julius Caesar2001
46The tragedy of King Richard III2000
47The tempest : a case study in critical controversy2000
48The tragedy of Anthony and Cleopatra2000
49Romantic Shakespeare : quotes from the Bard on love and lovers1999
50The tragedy of Macbeth1998
51The Tempest1998
52The taming of the shrew1998
55Romeo and Juliet [Videorecording]1996
56A midsummer-night's dream1996
57Hamuretto-ofiiria wo koishite-1996
59Othello [videorecording]1995
60Twelfth night, or, What you will1995
61The tragedy of Macbeth : afacing-pages translation into contemporary English1995
66Macbeth [CD-ROM]1994
67A midsummer night's dream1994
69King Lear1994
70The tempest1994
71The Merchant of Venice1994
72Romeo and Juliet1994
74Antony and Cleopatra1994
75Twelfth night, or, What you will1994
76As you like it1994
77Shashibiya quan ji1994
78Hamlet : complete, authoritative text with biographical and historical contexts, critical history, and essays from five contemporary critical perspectives1994
79William Shakespeare : Twelfth night1993
81The taming of the shrew1993
82The tragedy of Macbeth1992
83The sonnets and narrative poems1992
84The taming of the shrew1992
85Shakespeare's history plays : Richard II to Henry V1992
87A Choice of Shakespeare's verse1991
88William Shakespeare : Much Ado about nothing1990
89Soliloquy! : the Shakespeare monologues (men)1988
90Othello [DVD]1988
91The tragedy of Macbeth1987
92The tempest1987
94The sonnets ; and a lover's complaint1986
96Romeo and Juliet1985
97William Shakespeare : the complete works1985
98The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet1985
99Hamlet : modern text with introduction1984
100Much ado about nothing1981
101The tragedy of Macbeth1981
103The globe illustrated Shakespeare : the complete works. Annotated1979
104The annotated Shakespeare : three volumes in one : the comedies, the histories, sonnets, and other poems, the tragedies and romances1978
105Shakespeare's sonnets1977
106King Richard III1973
107Twelfth night1973
108Shakespeare's sonnets : the problems solved. : a modern edition with prose versions, introduction and notes1973
109The merry wives of Windsor1973
110The merry wives of Windsor1973
111King Lear1972
113King Lear1972
115The merry wives of Windsor1971
116A choice of Shakespeare's verse selected with an introduction by William Shakespeare and Ted Hughes1971
117The Merry wives of Windsor1971
118Romeo and Juliet1971
120The Life of timon of athens1970
121All's well that ends well1970
122King Henry IV, part I1970
123The complete work1969
124Coriolanus, notes1969
125The tragedy of Coriolanus1969
126The tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra1969
127King John1969
128Richard II. notes1969
129Richare III1969
130A midsummer-night's dream1969
131Trolius and Cressida : notes1969
132Measure for measure1969
135The second part of King Henry VI1968
137The first folio of Shakespeare1968
138King Henry VIII1968
139Twelfth night, or, What you will1968
140The Tempest1968
142King Lear : notes1967
144Julius Caesar1967
145Antony and Cleopatra1967
146Julius Caesar1967
147King Lear1967
148Hamlet 16031967
149The merchant of Venice : notes1967
150The taming of the Shrew1967
151The Merchant of Venice1967
152The Tempest1967
153Twelfth night, or, What you will1967
154All's well that ends well1967
156The tragedy of Othello the moor of Venice1966
157The taming of the shrew1966
159The winter's tales1966
160Konig Lear1966
161The winter's tale1966
162Antony and Cleopatra1966
163Love's labour's lost1965
164The history of Henry IV, part one1965
165The life of Henry V.1965
166Konig Richard II.1965
168Pericles, Prince of Tyre1965
169The history of Henry IV. part one1965
170Shakespeare's sonnets : analytic notes and critical commentary1964
171Shakespeare's Hamlet : the second quarto, 16041964
172The tragedy of Julius Caesar1964
173A window to criticism : Shakespeare's Sonnets and modern poetics1964
174The tempest1964
175Henry IV.1964
176King Henry V.1964
177Konig Richard III1964
178Antony and Cleopatra1964
179Highlights of Shakespeare's plays : with explanation, summary, comment and emphasis on famous quotations1964
180The tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra1964
181Much ado about nothing1964
182Hamlet : an authoritative text intellectual backgrounds, extracts from the sources, essays in criticism1963
183As you like it1963
184The History of troilus and cressida1963
185Romeo und Julia1963
186Julius Caesar1963
187The tragedy of King Lear1963
188The tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice1963
189The tragedy of King Lear1962
190Julius Caesar notes1962
191Romeo and Juliet1962
192The tempest : notes1962
193Love's labor's lost1962
194King Henry the Fourth : parts I & II1962
195The merchant of Venice : notes1961
196Richard II1961
197Richard III : notes1961
198Julius Caesar : notes1960
199Macbeth notes1960
200Richard II : notes1960
201Hamlet : notes1959
202Twelfth night1959
203The London Shakespeare : a new annotated and critical edition of the complete works1958
204The tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark1958
205Shakespeare : a historical and critical study with annotated texts of twenty-one plays1958
206The tempest1958
207Julius Caesar1958
208The Kittredge-players edition of the complete works of William Shakespeare1958
209The tragedy of King Richard the Second1957
210The love poems and sonnets1957
211The tragedy of Coriolanus1957
212King Richard II1956
213The tragedy of Troilus and Cressida1956
214The tempest1955
215Hamlet : The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark1955
216The life of Henry the Fifth1955
217The tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra1955
218The tragedy of Macbeth1954
219Richard III [videorecording]1954
220Mr. William Shakespeares comedies, histories, & tragedies1954
221Twelfth night, or, What you will1954
222Measure for measure1954
223As you like it1954
224The taming of the shrew1954
225The tragedy of Coriolanus1951
226The taming of the shrew1951
227Twelfth night, or, What you will1950
228The tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark1947
230The tragedy of Troylus and Cressida1947
231The tragedy of Othello : the Moor of Venice1947
232The tragedy of King Lear1947
233Shakespeare arranged for modern reading1946
234The second part of the history of Henry IV1946
235Lend me your ears : an anthology of Shakespearean quotations1946
236Shakespeare : seven plays, the songs, the sonnets, selections from the other plays1944
237Much ado about nothing1941
238The tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra1941
239The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet1940
240A midsummer night's dream1939
241The tragedy of Julius Caesar1939
242Twenty-three plays and the sonnets1938
243The first part of the history of King Henry the fourth1938
244Twenty-three plays and the sonnets : with general introduction, special introduction for each play, and notes1938
245Twenty-three plays and the sonnets : with general introduction special introduction for each play and notes1938
246The Kittredge-players edition of the complete works of William Shakespeare1936
247Richare III1936
248Shakespeare's Hamlet1936
249Shakespeare's Julius Caesar1934
250King Henry the fifth1934
251Shakespeare's as you like it1931
253Venus and Adonis ; Lucrece ; and, the minor poems1927
254The tragedy of Richard the Third : with the landing of Earl Richmond and the battle at Bosworth Field1927
255The life and death of King John1927
256The tragedy of Titus Andronicus1926
257All's well that ends well1926
258The comedy of errors1926
259The life of King Henry the Eighth1925
260Pericles, Prince of Tyre1925
261Two gentlemen of Verona1924
262The tragedy of Cymbeline1924
263King Henry the Fourth : part II1924
264Shakespeare's sonnets1923
265Venus and Adonis ; The rape of Lucrece ; and, other poems1923
266The second part of King Henry the Sixth1923
267The third part of King Henry the Sixth1923
268Twelfth night, or, What you will1922
269Hamlet edited with a life of Shakespeare, an account of the theatre in his time and numerous aids to the study of the play1922
270The merry wives of Windsor1922
271The taming of the shrew1921
272The tragedy of Julius Caesar1919
273The life of Timon of Athens1919
274Julius Caesar1919
275The winter's tale1918
276A midsummer night's dream1918
277The first part of King Henry the Sixth1918
278Julius Caesar : with introduction, notes, and questions for review1916
279The winter's tale1916
280Shakespeare's poems : Venus and Adonis ; Lucrece ; The passionate pilgrim ; Sonnets to sundry notes of music ; The phoenix and turtle1911
281King Henry the Fifth1908
282Shakespeare's tragedy of Julius Caesar1903
283The tragedy of King Richard the third1903
284Antony and Cleopatra1901
285Henry IV. Part one1901
286Titus Andronicus1901
287The taming of the shrew1901
288Merry wives of Windsor1901
289Much ado about nothing1901
290Midsummer night's dream1901
291King Richard II1901
292The complete works of William Shakespeare : containing the plays and poems with special introductory matter. index of characters and glossary of unfamiliar terms1900
293King lear1900
294Shakespeare's tragedy of Cymbeline1899
295Shakespeare's tragedy of Cymbeline : with introduction, and notes explanatory and critical ...1895
296The plays of William Shakespeare, accurately printed from text of the corrected copies left by the late George Steevens and Edmond Malone1826
297The Complete tragedies
298The Complete histories : poems
299The Children's Shakespeare : Stories from "As you like it", "The tempest," "The merchant of Venice," "Midsummer night's dream"
300Othello [Videorecording]
301Shakespear's masterpieces
302Hamlet [Videorecording]
303King Lear [Videorecording]
304The complete works of William Shakespeare : arranged in their chronological order
305Henri V [Videorecording]
306Coriolanus with a commentary
307Macbeth [Videorecording]
308Antony & Cleopatra [Videorecording]
309The tragedies of Shakespeare
310The tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
311The complete comedies
312The poems of Shakespeare
313The sonnets of William Shakespeare
314Twelfth Night [Videorecording]
315Love's labour's lost