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หนังสือที่แต่งโดย American Society for Testing and Materials

25 Results

1Annual book of ASTM standards 2011 Section 5 : Petroleum products, lubricants, and fossil fuels2011
2Annual book of ASTM standards 2011 Section 8 : Plastics2011
3Annual book of ASTM standards 2011 Section 9 : Rubber2011
4Annual book of ASTM standards2008
5Annual book of ASTM standards2006
61994 annual book of ASTM standards1994
7ASTM standards on hazardous substances and oil spill response1994
91985 annual book of ASTM standards1985
10ASTM standardization news1984
111984 annual book of ASTM standards1984
121982 annual book of ASTM standards. index. Part 481982
131981 annual book of ASTM standards1981
141980 annual book of ASTM standards1980
151972 annual book of ASTM standards1972
16Annual book of ASTM standards1970
17Glossary of ASTM defintitions index to ASTM standards1970
18Index of mass spectral data : listed by molecular weight and the six strongest peaks1969
191969 book of ASTM standards1969
20Manual on recommended practices in spectrophotometry1969
21Molecular formula list of compounds, names, and references to published infared spectra1969
221967 book of ASTM standards. American Society for Testing and Material1967
23Resinography of cellular plastics1967
24Hydrocarbon analysis1965
25Book of ASTM standards : with related materials1949