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หนังสือที่แต่งโดย Aaker, David A

35 Results

1Brand relevance : making competitors irrelevant2011
2Strategic market management2008
3Marketing research2007
4Strategic market management2005
5Brand portfolio strategy : creating relevance, differentiation, energy, leverage, and clarity2004
6Brand leadership2002
7Marketing research2001
8Strategic market management2001
9Brand leadership2000
10Marketing research1998
11Strategic market management1998
12Building strong brands1996
13Strategic market management1995
14Marketing research1995
15Strategic market management1992
16Developing business strategies1992
17Strategic market management1992
18Advertising management1992
19Strategic market management1991
20Managing brand equity : capitalizing on the value of a brand name1991
21Marketing research1990
22Strategic market management1988
23Strategic market management1988
24Developing business strategies1988
25Advertising management1987
26Marketing research1983
27Management research1983
28Advertising management1982
29Marketing research : private and public sector decisions1980
30Marketing research : private and public sector decisions1980
31Consumerism : search for the consumer interest1978
32Advertising management1977
33Advertising management, practical perspectives1975
34Consumerism, search for the consumer interest1974
35Consumerism : search for the consumer interset1971