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35 Results

1Bicycles and components : a pilot survey of opportunities for trade among developing countries1985
2Markets for selected medicinal plants and their derivatives1982
3Thesaurus of international trade terms1982
4ITC fore list : basic documentation for trade information services in developing countries1982
5Major import markets for wooden household furniture1982
6Pilot survey of the world seaweed industry and trade1981
7Major markets for canned mushrooms1979
8Major markets for canned asparagus1979
9International trade in tropical aquarium fish1979
10The world market for beeswax : a high-value product requiring little investment1978
11The Oil-exporting developimg countries. Nigeria. vol. 4 : new market opportunities for other developing countries1978
12Annotatedd bibliography of country serials1978
13Making and marketing furfural : added value for agro-industrial wastes1978
14Semi-processed fruit and berries as raw materials in the food-processing and catering industries1978
15Selected markets for outdoor furniture1978
16Annotated bibliography of product serials1977
17A guide to the world's foreign trade statistics1977
18ITC core list : basic documentation for trade information services1977
19The Oil-exporting developing countries. Iran : new market opportunities for other developing countries1977
20The Oil-exporting developing countries. Venezuela. vol. 2 : new market opportunities for other developing countries1977
21Major markets for honey : openings for quality supplies from developing countries1977
22The Oil-exporting developing countries. Saudi Arabia. vol.1 : new market opportunities for other developing countries1976
23Pyrethrum : a natural insecticide with growth potential1976
24Marketing of general purpose machine tools : from developing countries1976
25Selected European market for tropical and off-season fresh fruit and vegetables1976
26Selected markets for wooden toys1976
27Promoting packaging for exporters1975
28Cocoa products : facts and figures on the world's major markets1975
29The Markets for bicycles and components : in the federal republic of Germany, the Netherlands, the United States of America and Canada1975
30Major import markets for wooden household funiture1975
31Selected markets for saddlery and harness-makers'goods1974
32Major markets for edible tree nuts and dried fruits1973
33Annotated directory of regional and national trade and economic journals1971
34Getting started in export trade1970
35The Nordic market : for selected products of export interest to developing countries1970