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103 Results

1Young people and substance use : Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation2005
2United Nations peacekeeping 1948-2001 [pamphlet]2001
3This is the United Nations [pamphlet]1999
4Human development report 19981998
5Global population policy : database, 19951996
6A guide to information at the United Nations1995
7Energy Efficiency : Guidebook for Energy Consultants and Service Companies in Asia1995
8Developing information, education and communication (IEC) strategies for population programmes1993
9Convention on the rights of the child1991
10Directory of selected collections of United Nations system publications1991
11Last develop countries of Asia and the pacific region : development performance and prospects1990
12Environmental impact assessment: Guidelines for agricultural development1990
13The Socio-economic impact of transnational corporations in the fast food industry1989
14The United Nations and drug abuse control1989
15Transnational corporations and environmental management in selected ASEAN and Pacific1988
16Transnational Corporations in world development1988
17Transnational corporations from developing Asian economies : Host country perspectives1988
18Economics of dryland and rainfed farming1988
19Frameworks for population and development integration1988
20Population and development integration. ESCAP Regional Perspectives. volume I1988
21Human settlements atlas for Asia and the Pacific. part IV1987
22Technology transfer under alternative arrangements with transnational corporations1987
23The United Nations and drug abuse control1987
24Population policies and programmes : Current status and future directions1987
25Reported on the world nutrition situation1987
26The United Nations general assembly and disarmament 19861987
27Transnational corporations in South Africa and Namibia : United Nations Public Hearings1987
28Human settlements atlas for Asia and the Pacific : part III urbanization and city profiles1986
29Operationalizing local-level planning1986
30Transnational corporations and primary commodity exports from selected developing countries1985
31Transnational corporations and the developing pacific Island countries1985
32An Evaluation of export processing zones in selected Asian countries1985
33Trade and development1985
34The United Nations at forty : a foundation to build on1985
35Mining taxation in the ESCAP region : review and proposals for reform1984
36Human settlements atlas for Asia and the Pacific : part I1984
37Country monograph on the profile of youth of Malaysia1983
38Country monograph on the profile of youth of Sri Lanka1983
39The world in space : a survey of space activities and issues1982
40The state of the environmental, 1972-19821982
41River inputs to Ocean Systems : proceedings of a SCOR/ACMRR/UNESCO?CMG?IABO?IAPSO Review and Workshop, held at FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy, from 26 to 30 March 1979 with the collaboration of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and the support of the United Nations Environment Programme1981
42United Nations Today-1981 (Suggestions for Speakers)1981
43The inalienable rights of the Palestinian people : the seminars on the question of Palestine1980
44The Practice of Local-level Planning : case Studies in Selected Rural Areas in India, Nepal and Malaysia1980
45Manual on envitonmental legislation1979
46Trade and Development1979
47Human rights international instruments : Signatures, ratifications, accessions, etc. 1 January 19781978
48United Nations task force on the human environment : project findings and recommendations1978
49The significance of rural housing in integrated rural development1978
50Third Conference on the law of the sea1977
51Building research policies1977
52Customs organization and administration in developing countries : major considerations1977
53Report of the Human rights committee1977
54Resolutions of legal interest adopted1977
55Tax treaties between developed and developing countries sixth report1976
56Guidelines for contracting for industrial projects in developing countries1975
57Report of the regional workshop on effective anti-poverty strategies jointly sponsored by ECAFE and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung1974
58Guidelines for tax treaties between developed and developing countries1974
59Research teaching and training in demography : a directory of institutions in the ECAFE region1974
60Research teaching and training in demogrophy : a directory of institutes in the ESCAP region1974
61United Nations action in the field of human rights1974
62Napalm and other incendiary weapons and all sdpects of their possible use : report1973
63Methods of projecting households and families : Manauals on methods of estimating population, manual VII1973
64Self-help practices in housing : selected case studies1973
65Methods of projecting households and families : Manauals on methods of estimating population, manual VII1973
66Report of the interregional seminar on the financing of housing and urban development Copenhagen 25 May-10 June 19701972
67Research, teaching and training in demography : a directory of institutions in the ECAFE Region1972
68Manual on the establishment of industrial joint-venture agreements in developing countries1971
69Portfolio for peace : excerpts from the writings and speeches of U Thant, Secretary General of the United Nations, on major world issues 1961-19401970
70The United Nations : the first twenty-five years1970
71Yearbook of national accounts statistics1970
72Evenyman's United Nations : a compecte handbook of1968
73Final act of the United Nations conference of plenipotentiaries on the status of refugees and stateless persons and text of the 1951 convention relating to the status of reugees1968
74Everyman's United Nations : A complete handbook of1968
75Charter of the United Nations : and Statue of the International Court of Justice1968
76Industrial Estates in Europe and the Middle East1968
77Orientation course in mechanized data processing1966
78Industrial Developments in Asia and the Far East, vol 1-Progress and Problems of Industrialization1966
79Review of Long-Term Economic Projections for Selected Countries in the ECAFE Region1964
80Technical Assistance Committee Annual Report of the Technical Assistance Board for 1961 : Interim report on the implementation of the 1961 - 1962 programme1962
81Report of the Asian seminar on planning and administration of national community development programmes1961
82Manual on Economic Development Projects1958
83Training and administration of personnel in the public serveic : Seminar on Public Administration Montevideo, Uruguay1956
84Social progress through community development1955
85Proceedings of the World Population Conference, 19541955
86International tax agreements : volume II1954
87Mobilization of Domestic Capital : report and Documents of the Second Working Party of Experts1953
88Preliminary report on the World social situation : With special reference to standards of living1952
89Current information on Urban Land policies : A preliminary report1952
90How people work together : the United Nations and specialized agencies1951
91Economic survey of Asia and the Far East 19501951
92Economic survey of Asia and the Far East 19491950
93These rights and freedoms1950
94Technical assistance for economic development1949
95Economic survey of Asia and the Far East 19481949
96Historical survey of the question of international criminal jurisdiction1949
97Technical assistance for economic development, available through the United Nations and the specialized agencies1948
98Annual report on the work of the organization ...1946
99Human rights and social and economic development : A selection of publications
100Survey of the social situation in the ECAFE Region 1972/73
101Administrative aspects of planning : Papers of a seminar
102Estimation of managerial and technical personnel requirements in selected industries
103Designing with care : a guide to adaptation of the built environment for disabled persons