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หนังสือที่แต่งโดย Weber, Max, 1864-1920

24 Results

1The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism2008
2The vocation lectures2004
3Sociological writings1994
4Economia y sociedad : esbozo de sociologia comprensiva1984
5Max Weber on capitalism, bureaucracy and religion : a selection of texts1983
6Max Weber : selections in translation1978
7Economy and society1978
8Max weber on universities : the power of the state and the dignity of the academic calling in imperial Germany1976
9The theory of social and economic organization1969
10Sociologie de Max Weber par Julien Freund1968
11The City1968
12The religion of China : Confucianism and Taoism1968
13On charisma and institution building : Selected papers1968
14The religion of India : The sociology of Hinduism and Buddhism1967
15The religion of china : confucianism and taoism1964
16From Max Weber: Essays in sociology ; translated, edited and with an introduction by H. H. Gerth and C. Wright Mills1961
17The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism1958
18The City-Glencoe1958
19From Max Weber : essays in sociology1958
20Ancient Judaism1952
21The methodology of the social sciences1949
22From Max Weber : essays in sociology1946
23From Max Weber : essays in sociology1946
24General economic history1923