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หนังสือที่แต่งโดย Aristotle

30 Results

1Aristotle's politics2013
3The basic works of Aristotle2001
4Sur le savoir philosophique : Metaphysique1997
5The art of rhetoric1991
6U?ber die Tugend1986
8Ya li si duo de shi xue-He la si shi yi1982
9The Nicomachean ethics1980
10Politics & poetics1979
11The ethics of Aristotle : The nicomachean ethics1976
12The politics of Aristotle1975
13New light on his life and on some of his lost works. vol. I-II1973
14The works of Aristotle1971
15Aristotle: Poetics.1970
16Aristotle's Physics. Book 1 and 21970
17Aristotle's De anima. Books II and III [with certain passages from Book I]1968
18Fundamentals of the history of his development1967
19The works of Aristotle1967
20Ethique do Nicomaque1965
21The politics of Aristotle1965
22The politics of Aristotle1964
23Aristotle's constitution of Athens and related texts1964
24Nicomachean ethics1962
25Aristotle dictionary1962
26Aristotle : containing selections from seven of the most important books of Aristotle ... Natural science, The Metaphysics, Zoology, Psychology, The Nicomachean ethics, On statecraft, and The art of poetry1951
27Aristotle, with an English translation : the "Art" of rhetoric1947
28The basic works of Aristotle1941
29The Nicomachean ethics of Aristotles tr.1893
30Physique et metaphysique