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หนังสือที่แต่งโดย Marx, Karl, 1818-1883

97 Results

1Theories of surplus value : book I, II, and III2000
2The communist manifesto1998
3Wage labour and capital & Value, price and profit1996
4Capital : an abridged edition1995
5The Communist manifesto1992
6Readings from Karl Marx1989
7Karl Marx : a reader1986
8Herr Vogt1982
9Capital : A critique of Political Economy1981
10Capital : a critique of political economy1981
11Pre-capitalist socio economic formations1979
12Pre-Capitalist socio-economic formations1979
13Karl Marx : selected writing1977
14Capital : a critigue of political economy1977
15Karl Marx and Frederick Engels : selected works in one volume1977
16On dialectical materialism1977
17Capital : a critique of political economy1976
18Le capital : critique de l'economie politique1976
19Early writings1975
20Capital : a critigue of political economy1975
21Selected correspondence1975
22Wages, price and profit1975
23Karl Marx and Frederick Engels : selected works1975
24Collected works1975
25On freedom of the press and censorship1974
26The German Ideology part one1974
28The First international and after1974
29Grundrisse : foundations of the critique of political economy [rough draft]1973
30The Revolutions of 18481973
31Surveys from exile1973
32Feuerback : opposition of the materialist and idealist outlooks1973
33The poverty of philosophy1973
35On Colonialism1972
36The Karl Marx library1972
37Feuerback : opposition of the Materialistic and Idealistic Outbook1972
38Articles from the Neue Rheimische jeitung, 1948-491972
39On historical materialism1972
40Karl Marx : the essential writings1972
41Marx, Engels, Lenin : anarchism and anarcho-syndicalism1972
42On religion1972
43A contribution to the critique of political economy1972
44The Grundrisse1971
45On the Paris Commune1971
46Marx's Grundrisse1971
47Revolution and counter-revolution1971
48Karl Marx : economy, class and social revolution1971
49Karl Marx and Frederick Engels : selected works1970
50Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, selected works1970
51Selected wirtings in sociology and social philosophy1970
52Marx in the Own Words1970
53Theoris of surplus value1969
54Secret diplomatic history of the eighteeth century ; and, The story of the life of Lord Palmerston1969
55Essential writings of Karl Marx. selected and with an introduction and notes1967
56Writings of the young Marx on philosophy and society1967
57The communist manifesto1967
58Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of, 18441967
59The communist manifesto1967
60On scientific communism1967
62The German Ideology1965
63Marxist and Utopian Socialists1965
64Economic and philosophic manuscripts of 18441964
65Pre-capitalist economic formations1964
66Pre-capitalist economic formations1964
67Early writings1964
68The Communist manifesto1964
69The eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, with explanatory notes1963
70The communist manifesto1963
71Marx on economics1962
72Selected writings in sociology and social philosophy1961
73The Civil War in the United States1961
74The essential left : four classic texts on the principles of socialism1960
75A World without jews1959
76On Religion1957
77Karl Marx and Frederick Engles : selected correspondence1956
78Selected writings in sociology & social philosophy1956
79Capital : a critique of political economy1956
80Theories of surplus-value. of Emile Burns Capital. volume IV1954
81Theories of surplus value1954
82The Home Univerity library of Modern knowledge1952
83Theories of surplus value1951
85Articles on India1951
86Selected works1950
87The German ideology : part I & III1947
88Wage, labour and capital1947
89Value price and profit1947
90Selected correspondence, 1846-18951942
91Critique of the Gotha programme1937
92The class struggles in France, 1848-501934
93Capilal : a critique of polilical economy1919
94Capital : A critique of political economy1919
95Capital : a critique of political economy1915
96Capital : a critique of political economy1906
97The poverty of philosophy