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หนังสือที่แต่งโดย Baumol, William J

31 Results

1Macroeconomics : principles and policy2016
2Macroeconomics : principles and policy2009
3Essentials of economics : principles and policy2006
4Economics : principles and policy2005
5Economics : principles and policy2003
6Macroeconomics : principles and policy2000
7Economics : principles and policy1994
8Economics : principles and policy1991
9Macroeconomics : principles and policy1991
10Productivity and American leadership : the long view1989
11The Theory of environmental policy1988
12The theory of environmental policy1988
13Microtheory : applications and origins1986
14Economics : principles and policy1985
15Economics : principles and policy1982
17Economics : principles and policy1979
18Economics, environmental policy, and the quality of life1979
19Economic theory and operations analysis1977
20The theory of environmental policy : externalities, public outlays, and the quality of life1975
21Economic theory and operations analysis1975
22Economics of academic libraries1973
23Economic theory and operations analysis1972
24Economic dynamics : an introduction1970
25Economic theory and operations analysis1970
26Economic theory and operations analysis1965
27Welfare economics and the theory of the state1965
28Economic theory and operations analysis1963
29Economic theory and operations analysis1961
30Economic dynamics : an introduction1957
31Economic dymanics : an introduction1951