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170 Results

1Monitoring the health of the ocean:1991
2Index translationum 38 : Repertoire international des traductions = International bibliography of translation = Repertorio internacional de traducciones1991
3Worldwide action in education1990
4Education in Asia and the Pacific : reviews reports and note1989
5The vigilant press : a collection of case-studies1989
6Innovative approaches to development planniing1988
7Latest statistics on radio and television broadcasting1987
8Women and media decision-making : the invisible barriers1987
9Impact of science on society1987
10Fighting apartheid: a cartoon history1987
11Women's concerns and planning: a methodological approach for their integration into local, regional and national planning1986
12Teaching and research in philosophy : Asia and the Pacific1986
13Education in Asia and the Pacific : reviews, reports and notes1986
14Foreign news in the media : international reporting in 29 countries1985
15Time series of ocean measurements1985
16Economics in Asia1985
17Culture and the future1985
18Division of the UNSECO Library, archives and documentation services1985
19Unesco and education throughout the world / Unesco1985
20Project evaluation: problems of methodology1984
21Teaching and research in philosophy : Africa1984
22Biogas: Social response to a technological innovation: Case studies on republic of Korea and Thailand1984
23Conventions and recommendations of Unesco concerning the protection of the cultural heritage1983
24Unesco meeting of experts on comparative philosophical studies on changes in relations between science and society, Jamaica 21-24 June, 1983 : Working document1983
25Unesco journal of information science, librarianship, and archives administration1983
26Human rights in urban areas1983
27Statistical yearbook1983
28Save our common heritage1982
29Transnational communication and cultural industries1982
30Public administration and management : problems of adaptation in different socio-cultural contexts1982
31Cultural industries : a challenge for the future of culture1982
32Unesco and the solidarity of nations building the future1981
33Unesco yearbook on peace and conflict studies, 19801981
34Biennial report for 1978 - 19791980
35Eleventh session of the assembly : includings resolutions from the tenth and eleventh sessions of the excutive council1980
36Directory of adult education training and research institutions1980
37For a world worthy of man1980
38Workshop on biosphere reserves in the mediterranean region : development of a conceptual basis and a plan for the establishment of a regional network1979
39Tropical grazing land ecosystems : a state-of-knowledge report1979
40Educational reforms : experiences and prospects1979
41School furniture handbook1979
42List of documents and publications in the field of mass Communication 19791979
43Meeting of experts for the preparation of a programme of study of historic cities in Asia1979
44MAB-mediterranean scientific conference : regional meeting for MAB national commitees of countries bordering the Mediterranean sea: final report1978
45Planning meeting for project 11, with emphasis on industrialized settlements: final report1978
46Programme on the Man and the Biosphere [MAB], compilation 21978
47Prospects : quarterly review of education1978
48Tropical forest ecosystems : a state-of-knowledge report1978
49Annual report1978
50Bruun memorial lectures1977
51Oceanographic products and methods of analysis and prediction1977
52Regional meeting on integrated ecological research and conservation activities in the Northern Mediterranean contries: final report1977
53The man-made landscape1977
54Design guide for secondary schools in Asia1977
55Inter-regional co-operation in the social sciences1977
56Cultural rights as human rights1977
57Thinking ahead : Unesco and the challenges of today and tomorrow1977
58Records of the international conference of states on the distribution of programme carrying signals transmitted by satellite, Brussels 6-12 May 19741977
59Regional meeting on integrated ecological research and training needs in the Southern Asian mountain systems,particularly the Hindu Kush-Himalayas: Final report1977
60Regional meeting on integrated ecological research and training needs in the humid tropics of west and central Africa: Final report1977
61New UNESCO source book for science teaching1977
62Regional meeting on integrated ecological research and training needs in North East Africa and in the near and middle east, with emphasis on the ecological effects of irrigation derived from large river basins final report1976
63Statistics of studies abroad, 1969-19731976
64Statistics of students abroad1976
65Regional meeting on intergrated ecological research in temperate zones of the northern hemisphere,in the framework of project2 : Final report1976
66Expert consultations on project 10: effects on man and his environment of major engineering works: Final report1976
67Regional meeting on the establishment of co-operative programmes of interdisciplinary ecological researvh, training and rangeland management for arid and semi-arid zones of Northern Africa, final report1975
68Regional planning meeting of the MAB national commitees of Andean countries, with particular attention to project 6: final report1975
69Task force on integrated ecological studies on human settlements within the framework of project 11,: final report1975
70Task force project 14 : research on environmetal pollution and its effects on the biosphere, final report1975
71Planning buildings and facilities for higher education1975
72World guide to technical information and documentation services = [Guide mondial des centres de documentation et d'information techniques]1975
73Training for mass communication1975
74Expert panel on project 4: impact of human activities on the dynamics of arid and semi-arid zone ecosystems, with particular attention to the effects o irrigation: Final report1975
75International working group on project 3 : impact of human activities and land use practices on grazing lands1974
76Task force on : criteria and guidelines for the choise and establishment of biosphere reserves:final report1974
77Task force on : pollution monitoring and research in the framework of the MAB programme, final riport1974
78Task force on the contribution of the social sciences to the MAB programme final report1974
79Working group on project 6 : impact of human activities on mountain and Tunda ecosystem: final report1974
80An Illustrated inventory of famous dismembered works of art : European painting, with a section on dismembered tombs in France1974
81Educational media for Thailand : reports of the preinvestment study team1974
82Museum architecture1974
83International working group on project 3: Impact of human activities and land use practices on grazing lands : Savanna,grassland(from temperate to arid areas)1974
84Regional meeting on integrated ecological research and training needs in the Andean region: Final report1974
85Expert panel on project 2 : Ecological effects of different land uses and and management practices on temperate and mediterranean forest landscapes: Final report1974
86Regional meeting on integrated ecological research and training needs in the Sahelian region: Final report1974
87Report of a seminar on population problem.1974
88New trends in the utilization of educational technology for science education1974
89Task force on : the contribution of the Social Science to the MAB programme: Final report1974
90Consultative group on project 9 ecological assessment and fertilizer use on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems (part on fertilizers) : Final report1974
91Race as news1974
92Regional meeting on integrated ecological research and training needs in Latin America, with emphasis on tropical and subtropical forest ecosystems: Final report1974
93International co-ordinating council of the programme on Man and the Biosphere (MAB): Final report1974
94Museums : imagination and education1973
95Practical guide to functional literacy : a method of training for development1973
96Science policy in Latin America 19711973
97Combined heat, ice and water balances at Selected glacier basins : part II : spectifications, standards and data exchange1973
98Expert panel on project 8: Conservation of natural areas and of the genetic material they contain: Final report1973
99Expert panel on project 7: ecoly and rational use of island ecosystems: Final report1973
100International co-ordinating council of the programme on Man and the Biosphere (MAB): Final report: Second session1973
101Expert panel on project 6: Impact of human activities on mountain ecosystems: Final report1973
102Expert panel on project No. 1: ecoloical effects of increasing human activities on tropical and sub-tropical forest ecosystems in the programme on Man and the Biosphere (MAB): Final report1972
103Expert panel on the role of systems analysis and modelling approaches in the Programme on Man and the Biosphere (MAB): Final report1972
104Folk media, mass media family planning1972
105The Surveillance and prediction of volcanic activity : a review of methods and techniques1972
106In the minds of men : Unesco 1946 to 19711972
107Expert panel on educational activities under the man and te Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB): Final report1972
108Expert panel on project 12 : interactions between enviornmental transformations and genetic and demographic changes in the Programme on Man and the Biosphere (MAB): Final report1972
109Science policy and the European States1971
110Scientific framework of world water balance1971
111International co-ordinating council of the programme on man and the biosphere (MAB): First session1971
112Practical guide to in-service teacher training in Africa : establishment, execution and control of training programmes1970
113Science and technology in Asian development1970
114Literacy, 1967-1969 ; Progress achieved in literacy throughout the world1970
115National science policy and organization of research in Israel1970
116National science policy and organization of research in the Philippines1970
117Science and technology in Asian development, conference on the application of science and technology to the development of Asia, New Delhi, August 19681970
118Practical guide to in-service teacher in Africa : establishment, execution and control of training programmes1970
119World index of social science institutions : Research, advanced training, documentation and professional bodies1970
120National science policy and organization of research in Poland1970
121Films on traditional music and dance a first international catalogue1970
122Cultural policy : a preliminary study1969
123Cultural policy a preliminary study1969
124Science policy and organization of research in the Federal Republic of Germany1969
125The Teaching of the social sciences in higher technical education1968
126Science policy and the organization of scientific research in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia1968
127Catalogue: ten years of films on ballet and classical dance 1956-19651968
128Aerial surveys and integrated studies : proceedings of the Toulouse Conference of the Toulouse Conference (21-28 Sept., 1964)1968
129Statistical yearbook, 19661968
130Research facilities in science and technology in Asia : a preliminary survey1968
131Study abroad = Etudes a l'etranger1968
132Ten Years of films on ballet and classical dance 1956-1965 : Catalogue1968
133New educational media in action: case studies for planner1967
134Science policy and organization of research in Japan1967
135Higher education and development in South-East Asia1967
136A method of reducing classroom requirements in primary schools in Asia1967
137School building development group work1966
138Source book for geography teaching1965
139Science policy and organization of scientific research in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic1965
140Screen education, teaching a critical approach to cinema and television1964
141The Effects of television on children and adolescents : an annotated bibliography with an introductory overview of research results1964
142Comparative anthropometric data : C-for use in Indonesian schools1964
143Comparative anthropometric data : D-application of data1964
144Comparative anthropometric data : E-for use in Philippine schools1964
145Catalogue of colour reproductions of paintings prior to 18601964
146Climate and school building design in Java1963
147The shading of school buildings in South-East Asia : Sun Shading Diagrams1963
148Temporary and travelling exhibitions1963
149Secondary education in Asia1962
150Bibliographical services throughout the world, 1950-591961
151Filmstrips : use, evaluation and production1959
152Japan : ancient Buddhist paintings1959
153The training of journalists : a world-wide survey on the training of personnel for the mass media1958
154Ceylon : paintings from temple, shrine and rock1958
155Masaccio : Frescoes in Florence1956
156Science experiments with simple equipment : the Unesco source book for science teaching1956
157Report and paperson mass communicationa1956
158Report and paperson mass communicationa1956
159The social sciences1955
160Egypt : paintings from tombs and temples.1954
161The teaching of the social science in the United States1954
162Humanism and education in East and West1953
163Compulsory Education in New Zealand : a study initiated1952
164Directory of technician institutions in South East Asia
165New trends in chemistry teaching
166Researches related to the unesco's man and the biosphere programme in Japan, 1979-1980
167Expert consultations on Project 9: Ecological assessment of pest management and fertilizer use on terretrial and aquatic ecosystems (Part on pesticides): Final report
168Historical background of the mass meda declaration
169Human rights : comments and interpretations
170The ABC of copyright