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35 Results

1Completing the fertility transition in the developing world : the role of educational differences and fertility preferences2003
2The end of the fertility transition in the developing world2002
3The end of the fertility transition in the developing world2002
4Household size and composition in the developing world2001
5The fertility impact of changes in the timing of childbearing in the Developing world1999
6The potential role of contraception in reducing abortion1998
7On the Quantum and tempo of fertility1998
8Fertility and reproductive preferences in post-transitional1998
9Prospects for fertility decline and implications for population growth in : South Asia1997
10Trends in unwanted childbearing in the developing world1997
11The Fertility Impact of Family Planning Programs / by John Bongaarts1993
12Population Growth and the food Supply : Conflicting Perspectives / by John Bongaarts1993
13The supply-demand framework for the determinants of fertility : an alternative implementation / by John Bongaarts1992
14The KAP-Gap and the unmet need for contraception / John Bongaarts1991
15Do Reproductive Intentions Matter? / John Bongaarts1991
16The measurement of wanted fertility1990
17The demographic impact of family planning1990
18Geographic variation in the HIV epidemic and the mortality impact of AIDS in Africa1989
19The transition in reproductive behavior in the third world1986
20The population Council target-setting : a user's manual1986
21An alternative to the one-child policy in China1985
22Fertility biology and behavior : an analysis of the proximate determinants1983
23The supply of children : a critical essay1983
24The Proximate determinants of natural marital fertility1982
25Simulation of the family life cycle1981
26Demographic responses to famine1981
27The Fertility-inhibiting effects of the intermediate fertility variables1980
28Estimating the impact of contraceptive prevalence an fertility : aggregate and age-specific versions of a model1980
29The fertility impact of traditional and changing childspacing practices in Tropical Africa1979
30Malnutrition and fecundity : a summary of evidence1979
31A Framework for analyzing the proximate determinants of fertility1978
32The Population Council data bank system : a user's guide1978
33The efficiency of "menstrual regulation" as a method of fertility control1977
34Effects of nutritional status on fertility in rural Guatemala1977
35Reproductive models in the study of nutrition-fertility interrelationships1977