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64 Results

1Investigating the role of bats in emerging zoonoses2011
2Animal Genetic Resources Information2001
3Developments in animal genetic resources in Asia : Proceedinges of the 6th workshop on animal genetic resources in Asia1999
4Poverty alleviation and food security in Asia : Role of livestock1999
5Urban food security and food marketing : a challenge to city and local authorities1999
6User's Manual for National Coordinators for the Management of Farm Animal Genetic Resources1998
7Primary Guidelines for Development of National Farm Animal Genetic Resources Management Plans1998
8Secondary Guidelines for Development of National Farm Animal Genetic Resources Management Plans1998
9Proceedings of the third regional training workshop on the conservation of domestic animal diversity and the fourth National Coordinators'meeting1998
10Selected indicators of Food and Agriculture development in Asia-Pacific region, 1983-931994
11This is codex alimentarius1993
12FAO production yearbook1993
13Codex alimentarius commission : Residues of veterinary drugs in foods1993
14FAO production yearbook1992
15Selected indicators of food and agriculture development in Asia-Pacific region, 1981-911992
16The state of food and agriculture 19921992
17FAO Annual review : a summary of the Organization's activities during 19921992
18Annual review : a summary of the organization's activities during ...1991
19Manual of food quality control 6 : Food for export1991
20Manual of food quality control 12 : Quality assrance in the food control microbiological laboratory1991
21FAO Annual review : a summary of the organization's activites during 19911991
22Conducting small-scale nutrition surveys : A field manual1990
23Food aid in figures1990
24Street foods1990
25Manuals of food quality control 5 : Food inspection1990
26FAO in 19901990
27Report biotechnology in animal production and health in Asia held in Bangkok, thailand 17-21 October 19881988
28The state of food and agriculture 19861987
29Selection indicators of Food and Agriculture development in Asia-Pacific Region, 1976-861987
30Monitoring and evaluation of social forestry in India-an operational guide1986
31World food report 19861986
32Report of the twenty-first session of the Joint FAO/WHO Committee of Government Experts on the Code of Principles Concerning Milk and Milk Products1986
33A guide to forest seed handling1985
34FAO the first 40 years1985
35FAO/WHO food additives data system1985
36Specifications for identity and purity of food additions1984
37Report of the joint session of the seventh session of the Indian Ocean Fishery Commission and the twentieth session of the Indo-Pacific Fishery Commission, Bali 11-18 November, 19821983
38Report of the FAO export consultation on rural poultry and rabbit production1982
39Manuals of food quality control : v.5 food inspection1981
40Report of the conference of FAO : twenty-first session, Rome, 7-25 Nov. 19811981
41FAO commodity review and outlook1980
42Agricultural research in developing Countries1978
44Learning from China1977
45FAO forestry papers1977
46Report on the livestock development survey Malaysia1976
47Integration of livestock with crop production at small farm level1976
48Report to the government of Kenya on wildlife disease research1973
49Report on a survey of national veterinary lavoratories in Asia and the Far East1972
50Report of the third meeting of the FAO/WHO expert on veterinary education1971
511976 Evaluations of Some Pesticide Residues in Food / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Natioons1971
52Amino-acid content of foods and biological data on proteins1970
53State of food and agriculture 1965 : review of the second postwar decade1966
54Rice : grain of life1966
55Report of the second meeting of the FAO/WHO/ expert panel on veterinary education1963
56Poultry feeding in tropical and subtropical countries1963
57Emerging diseases of animals1963
58Radioactive materelas in food and agriculture1960
59Fighting world hunger
60The Global Strategy for the Management of Farm Animal Genetic Resource
61World food report
62Animal biotechnology bibliography ...
63Rice and rice diets : a nutritional survey
64Codex alimentarius commission : procedural manual first edition