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หนังสือที่แต่งโดย Harmer, Jeremy

52 Results

1Elvis Presley : king of rock 'n' roll2535
2Essential Teacher Knowledge2012
3Solo Saxophone2011
4Just right : Advance : Student's book2009
5Just right : elementary2009
6Just vocabulary : intermediate for class or self-study2008
7Just listening and speaking : intermediate for class or self-study2008
8Just reading and writing : pre-intermediate for class or self-study2007
9Just vocabulary : pre-tntermediate for class or self-study2007
10Just listening and speaking : pre-intermediate for class or self-study2007
11Just grammar : pre-intermediatefor class or self-study2007
12Just right teacher's book : intermediate2007
13Just right teacher's book : upper intermediate2007
14Just right student's book : upper intermediate2007
15Just right workbook : upper intermediate2007
16Just right student's book : pre-intermediate2007
17Just right workbook : pre-intermediate2007
18Just right workbook : intermediate2007
19Just right teacher's book : pre-intermediate2007
20Just right student's book : intermediate2007
21The practice of English language teaching2007
22Just right : pre-intermediate2006
23Just reading and writing : upper intermediate for class or self-study2005
24Just listening and speaking : upper intermediate for class or self-study2005
25Just right : upper-intermediate2005
26Just right workbook : intermediate2004
27How to teach writing2004
28Just grammar : intermediatefor class or self-study2004
29Just right : intermediate2004
30The practice of english language teaching2001
31The practice of English language teaching2001
32Trumpet voluntary1999
33How to teach English : an introduction to the practice of English language teaching1998
34More than words : vocabulary for upper intermediate to advanced students book 11991
35The practice of English language teaching1991
36The listening file [cassette tape]1989
37Teaching and learning Grammar1989
38The Listening file : authentic interviews with language activities1989
39The Listening File cassette tape /:1989
40Meridian plus 1 [cassette tape]1988
41Teaching and learning grammar1987
42Meridian Oral Practice 3 Cassette 2 cassette tape] /:1987
43Meridian Oral Practice 3 : cassette3 [cassette tape]1987
44Meridian Student's book Cassettes 3 Cassette 2 [cassette tape] /:1987
45Meridian oral practice 2 [cassete tapetape] /:1986
46Meridian student's book cassette1 [cassette tape]tape /:1985
48Meridian Oral Practice2 cassette2H[cassette tape] /:1985
49Meridian Oral Practice 2 cassette 3 [cassette tape] /:1985
50The practice of English language teaching /cby Jeremy Harmer1983
51The practice of English language teaching1983
52I spy