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หนังสือที่แต่งโดย United Nations Environment Programme

44 Results

1UNEP corporate profile1998
2Data book of world lake environments : A survey of state of world lakes1994
3Network for Industrial Environmental Management : training package1993
4The State of the world environment1991
5Images of environment: 1990/91 film and video catalogue1990
6Environmental impact aminnest : basic procedures for developing coumtries1988
7Environmental perspective to the year [2000=twenty] and beyond1988
8Sustainable development of natural resources...1988
9Environmental guidelines for domestic wastewater management1988
10Fire,wood,water: Reaping the benefits1988
11The global 500 the roll of honour for environmental achievement1988
12The ozove layer1987
13Environmental managemeant practices in oil refineries and terminals1987
141986 the state of environment: Environment and health1986
15Afforestation projects1986
16Marine mammals1985
17Ocean and coastal areas1985
18Environment news no. 231984
191972-1981 bibliography of the marine environment : East Asian Seas1984
20UNEP design manual pollution control facilities for small electroplating plants1983
21The state of the environment, 1983 : selected topic1983
22Rain and stromwater harvesting in rural areas1983
23Annual report of the executive director1983
24Environmental management in the pulp and paper industry1983
25Pulp and paper industry1982
26Combating desertification in the USSR : problems and experience1982
27Environment and development in Asia and the Pacific : experience and prospects : report and background papers of a regional seminar ...1982
28First meeting of the co-ordinating boody on the seas of east Asia : report of the1982
29Voices in defence of the earth1982
30Soil depletion and degradation control in the tropics1982
32Pesticide use on industrial crops1982
33Integrated regional schemes to combat desertification guidlines1982
34Combating desertification in the USSP : problems and eseperionce1982
35Report of the first meeting of the co-ordinating body on the seas of East Asia1982
36Annual review1981
37Intundtional Register of Potentially Toxic Chemicals1980
38Manual on environmental legislation1979
39Directory of Indian Ocean Marine Research Centers1978
40Compendium of legistatiue autharity, 1972-19771978
41Residue utitization management of agricultural agro-industrial residue1977
42Review of the environmental situation and of activities relating to the environment Programme1975
43The State of the environment1973
44The state of the environment, 1972-19..1972