TitleTeaching innovations in lipid science [electronic resource] / edited by Randall J. Weselake
Imprint Boca Raton : Taylor & Francis, 2008
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Descript xii, 263 p. : ill


1. Strategies for teaching lipid science to the public, students and teachers: Educating the public about lipids / Anthony H.C. Huang and Randall J. Weselake. Fats, genes, and food : using lipids as a tool for science education and public outreach/ Denis J. Murphy. Mentorships and related programs provide mechanisms for involving students in the science of fats and oils / Norm Lee and James K. Daun. Teaching lipid chemistry through creative problem solving / Karen M. Schaich. Mentoring independent study students in lipid science / E. Chris Kazala ... [et al.]. Sample cards for teaching processing of oilseeds and cereals / Lawrence A. Johnson, Jeni Maiers, and Darren Jarboe. Biotechnology and crop improvement in agriculture / David Hildebrand. Understanding isoprenoid biochemistry / Mee-Len Chye -- 2. Demonstrations and experiments in lipid science: What's in a potato chip? / Robert G. Ackman, A. Timmins, and Susan Budge. Oils and fats: simple demonstrations of properties and uses / Thomas A. Mckeon. Teaching relationships between the composition of lipids and nutritional quality / Roman Przybylski. High temperature gas-liquid chromatographic profling of plasma lipids: a student exercise / Arnis Kuksis. Analysis of total milk fat / Cristina Cruz-Hernandez and John K.G. Kramer. The use of enzyme test kits for teaching lipid chemistry / Robert A. Moreau. Plastid as a model system in teaching plant lipid metabolism / Salvatore A. Sparace and Kathryn F. Kleppinger-Sparace

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