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Free Online Access from Publishers during COVID-19 Outbreak

1.ACS ACS journals (Chemistry in Coronavirus Research)
ACS Central Science journal (potential therapeutic drugs and vaccines for COVID-19 )
ChemRxiv (research on novel coronaviruses )
Overview of Research on the Fate and Behavior of Enveloped Viruses in the Environment
Journal of Chemical Education and the ACS Division of Chemical Education
C&EN (Chemical & Engineering News) - COVID-19 coronavirus
Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T)
The Journal of Chemical Education
COVID-19 Resource
COVID-19 Forum on the ACS Network
2.Bloomsbury (until 31 May 2020)
Arcadian Library Online
Berg Fashion Library
Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts
Bloomsbury Architecture Library
Bloomsbury Collections
Bloomsbury Cultural History
Bloomsbury Design Library
Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies
Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers
Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases
Bloomsbury Food Library
Bloomsbury Medieval Studies
Bloomsbury Popular Music
Churchill Archive
Drama Online
Fairchild Books Library
Fashion Photography Archive
Human Kinetics Library
Screen Studies
Theology & Religion Online
3.CABI CABI Coronavirus Collection
4.Cambridge University Press
  1. 700+ html free textbooks (until 31 May 2020)
  2. Open access journal articles (Permanent free)
  3. Open access ebooks (Permanent free)
  4. Trending STM Research from Cambridge (free until end of Apr 20)
  5. Coronavirus Free Access Collection (temporarily free, but no expire date so far)
5.CNKI Online-first Publishing on COVID-19 (OA)
CNKI Knowledge Base on COVID-19 (until 9 May 2020)
6.EBSCO eBook Subscription Harvard Business Publishing Collection Trial
Access Information and Resources to Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic
7.Elsevier Coronavirus information center
Research academy
Youtube (Elsevier Journals)
Textbooks (until 15 June 2020)
8.Emerald (Expert Briefings) Coronavirus shows how China has changed since SARS
Coronavirus, the management of epidemics and the wider impact on society
9.Frost & Sullivan Some insights on COVID-19
Some report recommendations on COVID-19.
10.JSTOR 6,000+ Open Access ebooks
26 Public Health journals
6,000 articles related to COVID-19 issues
11.LexisNexis COVID-19 News Tracker
12.Library Journal COVID-19 & Libraries Coverage
13.Nature Master Class free peer review course
Covid-19 pandemic
14.ProQuest (until 31 Aug 2020)
Coronavirus Research Database
15.SAGE Ocean Coronavirus - The big data response
16.SpringerLink SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19
Free access to Essential Textbooks
17.STM Coronavirus (Covid-19)
18.Taylor & Francis All coronavirus-related
Fake News (until 30 Jun. 2020)
Good Health & Well-Being (until 31 Jul. 2020)
19.University of Chicago CORONAVIRUS RESEARCH (see bottom of the page)
20.Wiley Covid-19: Novel Coronavirus Content Free to Access