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Directory of Databases in Academic Libraries (The Library Services and Committee of Academic Libraries in Thailand)
EBSCO Page Composer (Select Click here to login to Page Composer) 
Page Composer is a new site that enables authenticated EBSCOhost users, including faculty members, librarians, students, and others, to create a Web page with links directly to citations, full-text articles, and images on EBSCOhost databases. The process of setting up different page types is based on 3 templates on the New Page Wizard. They are an online syllabus and a reading list offered in the College Design, the Corporate issue, and the Children's topic, or for use with children. Once users do the Search Wizard, they can start using the Edit Wizard to mark, insert, delete, preview, and save any search items. Adding a Web address or URL can be done as well. All new pages or recent updates are allowed to store on EBSCOhost's servers for 60 days.
EndNote for Windows and for Mac OS (Thomson Reuters - Service note : Trial Request Form and What's New)
EndNote Web (Tutorial and Guide)
Electronic Journals Listing - Select EBSCO A-to-Z (Service note)
My EBSCOhost (EBSCOhost Web - Select Advanced Search
 My EBSCOhost is a personal folder in which you, authenticated EBSCOhost users, can save Result List items, persistent links to searches, saved searches, search alerts, journal alerts and Web pages. All of these items can be saved in your personal folder and organized for ease of viewing, adding to/deleting from or editing any of the folder’s items for 1 year.and in the subsequent years. After you sign in, the EBSCOhost logo displays a “MYbanner on the corner to signify that you have logged in to your own personal folder. You will also be able to save your folder contents from session to session.
Page Composer (EBSCOhost Web - Select Advanced Search and sign in to My EBSCOhost
 Page Composer allows you, authenticated EBSCOhost users, to create customized Web pages that integrate searches and persistent links with EBSCOhost. With the integration of Page Composer into EBSCOhost, you are not required to log in to a different service to create Web pages. Once you log in to My EBSCOhost for access to your personal folder, Web pages can be saved and stored there for future management. From within the folder, choose the Web Pages link. Any pages that have been created will be listed here and available for 1 year.and in the subsequent years.
ProQuest SiteBuilder
SciFinder Scholar (Client Program Instruction - Download here)
Turnitin (iParadigms : Adiministrator User Guide - 06/2009 | Instructor User Guide - 06/2009 | Student User Guide - 06/2009) 
(Note: Free access trial expired on February 29, 2008. The second trial offer expired on June 30, 2008. The third trial period expired on July 31, 2009.)
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