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The CU Reference Databases now cover electronic access to 41 science journals on, jointly subscribed by Faculty of Medicine and Office of Academic Resources:

Nature Cell BiologyNature MethodsNature Microbiology Launch 2016-Nature Neuroscience
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology Nature Reviews Disease Primers Acta Pharmacologica Sinica 2005-2014 free BoneKEy Reports
Cancer Gene Therapy 1999-2011 freeCell Death & Differentiation 1999-2014 free Cell Research 1990-2014 freeCellular & Molecular Immunology 2008-2014 free
Eur J Clin NutrEuropean Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1997-2011 freeEuropean Journal of Human Genetics 1998-2014 free Eye 1987-2014 free Gene Therapy 1997-2011 free
Genes and Immunity 1999-2012 freeGenetics in Medicine 1998-2014 free Heredity 1947-2014 free Hypertension Research 2005-2011 free
Immunology & Cell Biology 1924-2011 free International Journal of Impotence Research 1997-2011 free International Journal of Obesity 1997-2011 free Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology 1999-2011 free
Journal of Human Genetics 1977- 2011 freeJournal of Human Hypertension 1997-2011 free Journal of Perinatology 1999-2011 freeLab Animal
Laboratory Investigation 2000-2014 freeModern Pathology Molecular Psychiatry Molecular Therapy
Mucosal ImmunologyNeuropsychopharmacology OncogenePediatric Research
Prostate Cancer and Prostatic DiseasesSpinal CordThe ISME Journal The Journal of Antibiotics
The Pharmacogenomics JournalNature Chemistry*Nature Materials*Nature Physics*
Nature Reviews Materials* Launch 2016- Polymer Journal* 1970-2011 free

Subscribed by Office of Academic Resources.

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February  15, 2016

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