Service Note
 EndNote X4 Installation

CAR purchased EndNote X4 for Chulalongkorn Community to use on a single computer. Before installation, the current Chulalongkorn University students, faculty members, and staffs need to send an e-mail to Research Support Services Dept.: for the password. *** Please provide your full name (ภาษาไทย สำหรับนิสิต) , status, affiliation department/subject and student identification number. Please be reminded to provide your email under @ ... and version of Endnote (Windows or Mac) you need.

        Instruction for installation:

        1. Download the setup file under Chulalongkorn University Network (CUNET) to your computer.

                     - the endnote X4-setup.exe file of EndNote X4 for Windows 
             or     - the endnoteX4-setup.dmg file of EndNote X4 for Mac OS  (v. 4.0.2)

        2. Close all Word processing programs (such as Microsoft Word, Notepad) and browsers.
        3. Double-click on the EndNote setup file and follow the instructions on the screen until complete.

Any problem on installation or using EndNote X4, please feel free to call 02-218 -2930 or send your question to

Research Support Services Dept.
January 9, 2012